Flexible courier and food delivery insurance for part time scooter drivers

Pay from £0.55* per hour and be covered when you work.

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  2. Switch On

    Log in to your work provider and you'll be covered automatically.

  3. Switch Off

    When you stop, we stop. Log back into the app to check your cover history.

What is included in your flexible scooter insurance?

Zego offers Third Party Only (TPO) for the hours that you are working as a part time delivery driver on your scooter. This cover protects all other road users and property in the case of an incident.

If you are involved in an incident whilst working, you can simply call one of our team via the Zego app, and our trained team will connect you with the claims department and help you through the situation. We hope this is a rare occurrence, but rest assured we have a friendly team ready to help you through the process.

Zego now sells Social, Domestic and Pleasure insurance.

In order to use your vehicle for food and courier delivery, you also need to have your Social, Domestic and Pleasure insurance in place. This is Third Party Only (TPO) and covers you when you’re not working.

This is a 12 month policy designed for users of our flexible delivery insurance, and can be paid for monthly or annually. Our SD&P cover works alongside our flexible food and courier delivery insurance.


  1. Zego Uno

    £0.75* /hour
    max £5 /day, £25 /week
  2. Zego Duo

    £0.65* /hour
    max £5 /day, £25 /week
  3. Zego Auto

    £0.55* /hour
    max £5 /day, £20 /week

* Any portion of an hour is charged at one hour rate.

** Zego Uno is for customers who only take out H&R cover with Zego. Zego Duo is for customers who take out H&R and SD&P with Zego. To qualify for Zego Auto you must have a Zego SD&P policy and be auto-enrolled with an approved work provider.

Do you qualify for Zego cover?

  • Aged 21 to 65
  • Engine size 50 - 125cc
  • Full or CBT UK/EU driving licence
  • No passengers
  • Part time work only
  • You have SD&P insurance
Additional acceptance criteria may apply