How is my fleet score calculated?

Written by Poonam Sejpal

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How is my fleet score calculated?

When you’re covered by our smart, data-driven insurance, you get plenty of benefits: behaviour-based cover, a dedicated fleet portal, outstanding customer support… the list goes on.

And one of the biggest benefits — the one our fleet managers love the most — is the chance to get a 15% rebate on your insurance renewal when your fleet drives safely.

Essentially, better driving means a higher driver score, which puts you in the best position when you come to renew. Simple.

But behind the scenes, we use clever calculations and complex data to give you the most accurate and personalised score for your entire fleet.

Let’s cover the basics so you know how your fleet driver score is calculated.

How you drive

We use two key driving behaviours to calculate your driver score: braking and cornering.

Our telematics technology monitors and records how your vehicles are driven. Braking harshly or taking a corner too fast are indicators of unsafe driving, which contribute to a lower driver score.

Of course, there are rare occasions when a driver might need to brake suddenly (say, if a pedestrian steps out into the road unexpectedly). And we factor this into our scoring system.

We do this by taking an average of what we call ‘harsh events’ (sudden braking or fast cornering) over a period of 7 days to calculate a score for each vehicle. This gives us a more accurate view of how your fleet drives, so you get a fair score.

But the key is to avoid these unsafe driving behaviours as much as possible.

Safe driving is important on all roads, but none more so than in busy urban or residential areas. And that leads us nicely to the next driver score metric…

Where you drive

It’s a sad truth that densely populated areas can increase your chances of an incident while driving. More people, more vehicles and more distractions usually mean more incidents.

So if your drivers usually work in busy areas, the higher risk may be reflected in your driver score.

But, by following safe practices and keeping those harsh driving events to a minimum, you can maintain a score (and an insurance cost) that reflects how well you drive.

Insurance that’s tailored to your fleet

We use all of this data and information to calculate a risk profile for your entire fleet, and each individual vehicle

To create your fleet score, we look at the percentage of vehicles that fall in the low, medium or high risk categories. A lower risk means a better chance you’ll pay less for your insurance.

Complex data. Simple insurance. A fair price.

What’s next?

In the not-too-distant future, we’ll be adding a third key metric to our driver behaviour calculation — speeding.

This will give you a more enhanced and accurate score based on how you drive, and an even fairer price for your insurance.

We’re also working on more detailed insights in your fleet portal. You’ll get a better understanding of how your fleet is driving, plus ways you can reduce your risk and improve your score.

Get a quote for your fleet or find out more about our behaviour-based insurance.