How safe is your fleet? Take our test to understand your risk exposure

Safer fleets, greater rewards

Our Risk Management tools give you actionable insights on your fleet performance, so you can improve safety, optimise your fleet performance, and lower your insurance costs.
Safest fleets unlock up to 15% rebate on their policy.

How can Risk Management impact your total cost of ownership?

53% reduction in claims reporting time

Reduction in claims reporting time

Faster claims reporting results in lower costs

28% Fewer claims

Fewer claims

Better drivers make fewer claims, keeping your vehicles on the road and costs low.

20% reduced renewal premium

Reduced renewal premium

Safer fleets can save up to 20% on their policies at renewal

Discover Risk Management by Zego

How Risk Management works

Zego Advisory Risk Management for Fleet Insurance


Get a 360° view of your vehicle performance on the Zego Fleet Portal, to help monitor driver behaviour and understand where your fleet can improve. Safer drivers lead to better performing fleets, healthier vehicles, and a rebate of up to 15% of your premium at renewal.

Zego Risk Management Education for Fleet Insurance


Our Risk Management Academy engages with fleets and drivers who need the most support to help become safer on the road. Our team is on hand to share driving tips, help boost driver scores and reduce your future claims exposure.

Zego Risk Management and Incentives for Fleet Insurance


The higher the driver scores are - the fewer claims fleets tend to have. Fewer claims means less maintenance costs, admin work and safer roads. Safest fleets unlock up to 15% rebate on the their policy at renewal.

Proactively reducing fleet risk

"Since implementing Zego's Risk Management programme, there’s certainly been an improvement in driving behaviour and the driving of the vans. The drivers have clearly taken notice so the company will improve, it has worked and brought down our driving errors a lot."

Vicky, Fleet Manager

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What does Risk Management include?

What does Risk Management include?

Driver Compliance

  • Licence checks
  • Licence convictions
  • History of accidents
  • Entitlement to drive specific vehicles (Towing, HGV)
  • DBS checks
  • Passing eyesight checks
  • Working hours policy
  • HGV - Tachographs, working hours

Claims Management

  • 24 hour claims line for reporting incidents with competent claims handlers
  • Accident bump cards
  • Database which logs all incidents per driver
  • Analysing claims data
  • Identifying repeat offenders
  • Policy for failure to comply i.e. not reporting an incident

Road Risk Management

  • Driver assessments & coaching
  • Telematics data/Behavioural data
  • Operational duties - routing of work
  • Vehicle compliance - MOT, service
  • Vehicle familiarisation
  • Vehicle checks weekly
  • Driver risk profiling
  • Driver handbook outlining policies/procedures
  • Highway code knowledge

What our customers say

No one offers this sophisticated risk management programme that we’ve been using

Leigh Cotterill, Managing Director, Blue Sky Logistics

Reducing cost is very important in every business and Zego understands our needs. Driver behaviour monitoring allows us to keep in touch with drivers and communicate the importance of driving safely.
Accidents will always happen, but if we can reduce the risk, it is a win win.

Peter Livings, Fleet Manager, VanUp LimitedVanUp Limited

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