5 reasons to consider Zego’s Fleet Insurance

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

Published on

Taking a look at the key reasons our customers find Zego’s fleet insurance most suitable for their needs.

In the ever changing transport and delivery environment, insurance does not always keep up. At Zego, we pride ourselves on adapting to these changes to provide our customers with insurance that works for them. Whether it is for a taxi, courier or micromobility fleet, our insurance can scale up or down in order to sufficiently meet the demands of your business. In this post, we’ll take a look at 5 key reasons why it’s worth considering our Fleet insurance and how it has worked well for some of our customers.

1. Usage Based Cover:

Our fleet insurance uses advanced technology and data collection to develop custom premiums based on the quantity of vehicles and drivers in your business and the time and distance they cover. To ensure your vehicles always have cover you pay a minimum base rate for your policy. This is then combined with a flexible premium which is calculated depending on the vehicle usage. The calculations are based either on how many miles your vehicles cover or how much time they spend on the road. No matter how much your vehicle usage comes to, you will never pay more than your monthly cap.

2. Access the benefits of the ABAX solution:

The ABAX solution allows Zego to gather data on the usage of your vehicles in order to calculate the ‘flexible’ part of your premium. After installing the ABAX device in your vehicles, you can access insights into how long your vehicles are on the road as well as the distance they are covering. The ABAX solution offers more advantages than just providing access to flexible insurance. There are a range of benefits including vehicle tracking, HMRC compliant mileage claims, insights into driving behaviour and effective fleet management, all to help you to manage your risk and maximise operational efficiency of your business.

3. Benefit from our referral programme:

If you are interested in referring another fleet to Zego, our referral programme can reward you according to its size. The larger the fleet, the more you will earn! Provided that the fleet you are referring meets our eligibility requirements for cover, you can follow the index below to calculate the amount you could earn:

£30 referral credit per vehicle for Private Hire car fleet (100 vehicle fleet = £3000)

£50 referral credit per vehicle for Courier van fleet (100 vehicle fleet = £5000)

There’s no limit to how many fleets or vehicles you can refer to Zego and you’ll earn credit for every successful referral.

4. Fleet Portal:

Our easily accessible portal offers a wide range of features to help you make any key adjustments to your fleet. Adding or removing vehicles, updating vehicle details, accessing your insurance policy documents and invoices can all be done in a few clicks allowing you to efficiently maintain your vehicles through one key platform.

5. Support from our dedicated team:

As always, our dedicated team is here to help if you have any enquiries or require any assistance with your cover.

For more information about our products and to get started with your quote, visit our Fleet insurance page.