Five items for your private hire car that could get you good ratings

Written by George Miles

Published on

What to keep in your private hire car to boost your ratings.

When it comes to private hire work, getting a good rating from your passengers is essential. Not only will a good rating help you stand out from the competition, but often drivers with the best ratings get the jobs with the biggest fares.

So aside from driving safely, being polite and keeping your vehicle clean, what else can you do to encourage passengers to leave you a good rating? It could be as simple as having some extra items in your car. To help you deliver a five-star service to your passengers, we’ve put together some items you may want to keep handy the next time you pick up a fare.

Mints and water

A large percentage of your passengers will lead busy lives and use multiple private hire vehicles a week. Unless they receive a level of service that’s particularly memorable, they’re unlikely to leave a rating. To ensure you stay in the mind of your passengers, you could offer them water on a hot day, or keep some mints in the car. Although it may seem insignificant, a simple gesture such as offering them water or mints could enhance their comfort levels and be the difference between no rating and five stars.

Air freshener

One of the first things a passenger will notice when they get in your car is the smell. According to research, customers are far more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one — and if your car smells like last night’s shift, you could be risking your rating. The easiest way to ensure your car always smells nice and fresh is with an air freshener. It’s a good idea to pick a neutral scent. One that’s too overpowering could also result in passengers having a less than comfortable experience.

Paper towels / napkins

Remember the water you offered your passenger when you picked them up? There’s always the chance that there will be a spillage or two along the way. Having plenty of paper towels and napkins to hand will ensure your passengers can clean themselves up, and will help further enforce the idea that you’ve thought of their every need.

Auxiliary cable

Longer journeys can be a bit of a drag for passengers, especially if they’re travelling alone. One way to keep them happy is by giving them control of the music, either via bluetooth or an auxiliary cable. If they’re really into their hardcore Belgian trance, it may make the journey a bit less pleasurable for you, but it could go a long way towards creating a comfortable and enjoyable journey for your passengers.


If you really want to win your passengers over, you may want to keep a phone charger where they can access it. A dying phone with no way to charge it can be particularly frustrating for passengers, especially if they’re on their way to meet someone. Having iPhone and Android chargers they can use will almost certainly make you stand out from the competition — and you’ll ensure their phone has enough charge for them to leave you a positive rating at the end of the journey.

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