How Does Usage Based Fleet Insurance Work?

Written by Sean Cole

Published on

How usage-based Fleet insurance works, its benefits and how to get a quote with Zego.

Our usage based Fleet insurance is designed to offer you a premium that matches the actual usage of your vehicles, so you always get a fair premium that is in line with your risk.

We take a closer look at how our usage based Fleet insurance works, how we reward better performing fleets with up to 30% off your policy at renewal and how you can get started with your quote.

How does our usage based Fleet insurance work?

Our usage-based Fleet insurance uses advanced technology and data collection from our partner ABAX, to develop accurate premiums based on the number of vehicles in your business and the distance they cover.

To ensure your vehicles are always covered, you pay a minimum base rate for your policy which is then combined with a flexible premium which is calculated depending on vehicle usage.

What are the benefits of our usage based Fleet insurance?

By taking out a policy with us, we’ll give you access to your very own fleet management portal. The portal provides insights into your fleet’s performances and allows you to add and remove vehicles or drivers from your policy.

You'll also never pay more than your monthly insurance cap, no matter how many miles your vehicle covers. This is a particularly suitable option for fleets with lower mileage or with less consistent demand.

How to get a usage based Fleet insurance quote with us today

We offer a range of Fleet insurance options to companies working across a range of sectors, including private hire, delivery, courier and haulage fleets. If this sounds like the right insurance for you, you can get started with your quote for usage based insurance, by visiting our Fleet insurance page.