Linking your account with Uber: the how and why

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As part of the criteria for our Private Hire insurance, we ask that you are registered to drive on the Uber app. What we mean by this is that your Zego account must be integrated with your Uber partner-driver account. This condition must be met for us to be able to cover your private hire work.

We know lots of drivers have questions around this, so we want to offer some clarity on why this is a requirement.

In this post, we’ll cover what integrating your accounts means, how it works and we will explain the reasons why we need you to link your Zego and Uber partner-driver accounts.

First thing’s first, what’s an integrated account?

An integrated account is a Zego account that is linked to an Uber partner-driver account. If your Zego account is integrated with your Uber partner-driver account, it means information that is relevant to your policy can be exchanged between the two accounts where you agree to data sharing.

This enables us to validate that you are an Uber Partner and that you have an active account. If we are not able to validate that you have an active account with Uber, we are not able to offer you cover.

How do I link my account?

It’s quick and easy to link your Zego account with your Uber partner-driver account. You can do this when you sign up to get a quote from Zego or we can send you a link by text or email.

If you’re having trouble linking your account, our Customer Service team are available 7 days a week and will be happy to help.

Why do Zego exchange data with Uber?

In short, we exchange data so that we can provide you with insurance for your private hire work. Depending on what data it is, we may have different reasons why we need to collect it.

  • Performance of contract - Most of the reasons we collect and use your data is to provide you with your insurance. For example when we need to create your policy documents, provide you with cover or make sure we can cover you.
  • Legal obligation - Sometimes the law tells us what we need to do with your data. For example when we are running checks on your data we are doing it to meet regulatory or legal requirements and we have to legally keep your data for certain amounts of time.

Is my data safe?

All your data is stored safely and securely. We put in place appropriate technical, physical and organisational security measures to protect against any unauthorised access or damage to, or disclosure or loss of, your information.

What if I don’t want Zego to have access to my data

We collect your data under the legal basis of performance of contract. If you no longer wish to have a contract with Zego or use our cover, we are able to delete your data. If you would like to exercise your right to be forgotten, you can do so here.

If you have any other questions about what data we receive or how we handle it, please read our Privacy Policy. Here you will find more information about the type of data we receive, how we keep it safe and what rights you have regarding your data.

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