Six Ways to Get More Work as a Private Hire Driver

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The busier your taxi is, the more money you make. It’s miles on the road and minutes on the meter that earn the cash UK private hire drivers need. The problem is, there are many moments when your car is empty, and the meter reading zero. Dead downtime can really hurt your pocket. But what can you do about it? How can you keep your taxi full more often? Here are six ways to get more work as a UK private hire driver:

1. Food Delivery

Taxi work has peaks and troughs throughout the day. There are also rides that take you far from the busy places and leave you empty coming back. Fill these unproductive moments with abundant extra work that earns an average £10 per hour. Food delivery is booming, as consumers continue their craze for restaurant food without the restaurant. Their hunger is your bonus. Make extra cash with food delivery for services like Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo when you’re not carrying passengers. Best of all, you don’t need extra insurance to do this kind of work. All-in-one Private Hire insurance from Zego covers you for taxi , food delivery and personal use of your vehicle.

2. Working for Uber

Working for more than one private hire firm at the same time can keep you taxi full more often. If you don’t already drive for Uber, then consider signing up. Average Uber driver income is £15 per hour after paying fees. Then there are the benefits of Uber Pro, the loyalty scheme that rewards Uber drivers with all kinds of goodies – from fuel discounts to free Open University tuition. Drivers who reach their top tier of benefits could pick up rewards worth £thousands every year. (You don’t need extra insurance to also drive for Uber).

3. Market yourself better

Experienced drivers know regular riders mean steady income, and more often, a generous tip. But to get this kind of work, you must market your services. Launch a webpage and use social media to build a group of loyal users. Simple posts can generate a following. And why not keep a stack of business cards in the car to give to suitable customers? This may seem old school, but it still works, especially in less urban areas.

4. Niche market opportunities

Many taxi trips are repeat journeys – things like school runs, airport transfers, corporate transportation, and courier work. Marketing yourself to the people and groups who need this kind of service can make strong extra money. Contact parent groups, nurseries, day care centres, private aircraft hubs, and large businesses to offer your five-star assistance.

5. Provide excellent customer service

It goes without saying that you should always be polite, courteous and give your passengers a smooth and pleasant ride. However, going the extra mile could earn you a tip. Small extras like mints, water, and wet-wipes can please your customers. Then there are those passengers who need more help than others. Riders who use walking frames, sticks and wheelchairs are the most vulnerable of all. Get them as close to their destination as you can, even if that means turning into their driveway. Ask if they need assistance to their front door. Help them with any packages. Unless they say they don’t need help, assume they do. Some people are just too proud to ask.

6. Switch to Zego Private Hire insurance

This tip may not bring more work, but while you’re looking for extra income, you may also save £hundreds every year on the cost of your insurance.

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