Thank you, delivery drivers #behindthemask

Written by Benedict Harrison

Published on

At Zego, we're proud to support delivery drivers as they carry out essential work in these challenging times.

For their health and wellbeing the people who deliver our food and parcels have donned masks and gloves. The work that food delivery and courier drivers do has always been important. But now, it is essential. These drivers, whose names you don’t know and faces you may not recognise, are now further concealed behind a layer of protective clothing.

At Zego, we are proud to support these drivers, just as they support the country through these uncertain times. We filmed this video, from a distance that was safe for all of us, as a way of saying thank you, and acknowledging the bravery every single delivery driver and courier displays each time they go to work.

We have captured the stories of 3 real delivery drivers as they work long hours in the most challenging of situations. In everything from delivering medical supplies to hospitals to bringing food and other essentials to the vulnerable and those in isolation, their role is one of critical importance. A role for which they are often not thanked enough.

When we look beyond the protective gear and see behind the mask, delivery drivers are no different from everyone else, with families, children and parents to think about. Behind every driver, there are hopes, worries and an understanding of how they are not just delivering goods to people, but help and support.

From everyone at Zego, we would like to thank delivery drivers across the country as they work to keep the nation moving.