The 5 rarest scooters insured by Zego

Written by Benedict Harrison

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We take a look at some rare scooters that have been insured for food delivery work with Zego.

Whilst the most popular choices of scooters for food delivery and courier work include the Honda PCX and Yamaha NMAX, not every rider picks one of the more commonly bought vehicles to use for their delivery work.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 5 rarest bikes that delivery riders have insured with Zego, using the Car Logbook website to find out how many of these bikes are still registered for use on the UK roads.

White Knuckle CF 125

Image source:Motorcycle News

The Taiwanese-built White Knuckle CF 125 was first introduced to the UK in 2011. Although the CF 125 uses an engine from a Honda CG 125, replacing other parts of the bike can prove to be trickier as it is an imported vehicle.

With just 298 White Knuckle bikes left on the road in the UK and with only 37 of the CF model remaining, this scooter comes in at 5th place in our list.

Beeline Memory 50

Image source: Amazon UK

First made available in 2012, the Beeline Memory is a 50cc scooter with a retro style similar to a Vespa. However, you won’t come across too many riders carrying out their deliveries on these bikes, as there are only 19 left in the UK.

The design of this bike is timeless and weighing just 90kg, it’s both a stylish and convenient way of travelling around on two wheels.

FB Mondial HPS 125

Image source: Biking Direct

The FB Mondial HPS is available as both a 125cc and 300cc model, but there are only 12 HPS 125 scooters left on the roads in the UK. This iconic Italian brand has been producing motorcycles since 1929 and is famous for dominating the Motorcycle World Championships between 1949-1957.

The HPS 125 was first made available in the UK in 2017, bringing a modern twist on the classic Ducati Scrambler Cafe racer. With a top speed of around 62mph, this versatile bike offers riders more than just a convenient way to carry out delivery work.

Pioneer Nevada 125

Image source: Supreme Motos

Modelled on the cruisers that were popular in the latter part of the 20th century, the Pioneer Nevada 125 is among the more powerful scooters around. This bike was imported to the UK from China and it was first made available back in 2009.

There are now only 7 of these bikes left on the road, which means that the Pioneer Nevada takes 2nd place in our list of the rarest scooters insured with Zego.

Malaguti F15 Firefox 50

Image source: The Parking Motorcycle

Astonishingly, there is only one Malaguti F15 registered for use on the UK roads, so this remarkable bike sits at the top of our list. This Italian brand originally produced bicycles until 1958, at which point they began producing motorcycles.

Known for their use of small engines, Malaguti’s F15 is a 50cc model which was first brought to the UK market all the way back in 1996. With a maximum speed of 33mph, the F15 is a great way to travel around on your deliveries. Sadly, however, it’s not that easy to find!

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