5 reasons for Uber driver-partners to choose Zego

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

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5 key reasons why Uber driver-partners should choose Zego for Private Hire insurance.

The taxi industry is changing. With more and more experienced drivers signing up for Uber every day, they often face one issue - their insurance. Traditional forms of insurance fail to meet many drivers’ needs in this ever-changing environment and some are not aware of how much they could be saving by changing to a company who understands them. At Zego, we pride ourselves on adapting to these changes to provide our customers with insurance that works for them. In this post, we’ll evaluate 5 key aspects of Zego’s cover which establish the suitability for Uber driver-partners.

1. Competitive prices

When it comes to our private hire policies, you have the option to set up your cover with or without Zego Sense - our advanced technology powering our most intelligent policies. At Zego we understand the importance of safe driving and through the Zego Sense app we’re able to provide you with the fairest price based on your driving behaviour. Sharing this information with us allows us to provide you with a less expensive quotation than without Sense and if the app recognises that you are practicing safe driving, this information will be used to reward safe drivers with lower premiums.

If you work with Uber and are not interested in the Sense option, we can offer you a different type of policy without the need for the app.

2. Selected by Uber

As a trusted provider of Private Hire insurance, we’re pleased to say that Zego forms part of Uber’s selected insurance providers. Uber’s insurance panel was established to help private hire drivers find cover for their work and we’re proud to have been a part of this since the beginning. We have been covering drivers working with Uber for a number of years, helping driver-partners to save time and money on their insurance.

3. Accessibility of documents

Our partnership with Uber provides you with the opportunity to integrate your accounts where you agree to data sharing. A key benefit of the integration is the ability for us to automatically upload your insurance certificate to Uber, saving you the time and effort necessary when manually completing this.

If you choose to proceed with our Sense option, we are pleased to say that you will also have complete access to your documents via the Sense app within minutes of purchasing or renewing a policy! If you would prefer to take out a policy without Sense, we will send your documents to you by email and you can request a new copy whenever you like.

4. Range of options available

We offer a wide range of policies for private hire drivers, so finding the most suitable option for your individual needs is an effortless process. If you require short term cover we can offer 7-day or 30-day policies and for long-term we offer annual policies.

You have the choice between Third Party Only or Fully Comprehensive cover with any of these options. The higher level of cover selected, the higher your premium will be. Alongside your primary policy, we can also offer add ons if you require further cover. Both Breakdown Cover and Vehicle Replacement Cover can be purchased for either 30 days or an annual period.

While a replacement vehicle is included in our policies for your personal use, purchasing a Vehicle Replacement Cover policy will ensure you are provided with a private hire licensed vehicle while your car is in for repair. We can also offer No Claims Discount (NCD) protection for customers with over 3 years NCD.

5. Dedicated customer service team

At Zego we can ensure any enquiries that you may have regarding your cover will be met in a timely and professional manner. Our friendly customer service team is available 7 days a week and are always happy to help. We’re very proud to say that 90% of our customers have rated us with five stars on platforms such as Trustpilot so when it comes to your insurance-related requirements you are in very good hands with us.

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