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We’re Zego. Insurance that empowers people to go freely.

Most insurance is designed to go unused, it’s there in case of emergency. But today we live and work more openly, in fast pursuit of fulfilment, not constrained by worry. Welcome to Zego, a new kind of insurance company that frees people to lead more productive and positive lives.

We’ve designed a people-first policy, which means our cover follows us while we pursue our ambitions. Our app is connected with work providers, to only cover when you are working. This means you only pay when and for what you need. And it adapts to life’s changes. So we all work more flexibly, live more independently and invest only in protecting what matters.

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Hey, we don’t think the way people are buying insurance today is right for the way they need it, we’re going to team up with Stu to sort it out.

Great idea! Let me know if I can help at all.

I saw you guys have launched, congrats, that was fast!

Cheers, it’s been a crazy first few months, but the first ever flexible scooter delivery service is finally here. People have been signing up already.

We got some angel investment and hit 300 users already! You should drop by for some cake.

Sounds delicious, I will. Do you guys cover parcel delivery, or just food?

Just food for now, but we’re working on it, give us a couple of weeks.

Hey that parcel delivery you were asking about it finally done. You can now get an all-in-one parcel and food delivery for the same price as before.

Awesome, you guys are killing it. Keep me updated!

Huge month, we launched our iOS and Android apps, and raised a seed funding round from LocalGlobe at the same time.

Great, just in time for Christmas, now it’s even easier for riders get covered on the go.


Another couple of milestones, we’ve just hit 200,000 hours covered, and we’re now directly authorised by the FCA.

Nice work, how long for the next 200,000?

5 or 6 weeks, I’ll let you know.

Pretty good guess, 6 weeks on and we’re now 400,000 hours covered.

How big is the team now? There’ve been people talking about you and I know a few people who might be interested in joining.

We’re 12 people now, and definitely hiring, send them along we’ll have a chat.

Big news we’re changing our name. Tego is becoming Zego, we have a new brand and identity to go with it. Keep your eye out too, we have some exciting new products on the way.

Great, love the new brand. Your logo is great. Excited for new products.

Didn’t have to wait too long, we’ve just launched a car product with Aviva. You can now get covered for both cars and scooters all in the one place.

Keep them coming, it’s fun watching the pace you guys are delivering products at.

If you say so, here’s our latest. We’re offering SD&P products to scooter drivers now, it’s now even easier to get signed up and ready to ride.

Are you planning on slowing down anytime soon?

Haha not likely. We just hit a million hours. If anything we’re moving even faster.

We just closed our series A with Balderton leading. Look at the team now, we’re 33 people.

Keep it up guys, can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the year.

Hey, just in time for Christmas rush we’ve launched public liability insurance for cyclists.

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