How Zego Sense Policies Provide Better Prices & The Fairest Vehicle Insurance

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When looking for vehicle insurance, you’ll come across various providers with a lot of different policies, and deciding which one to go with can get confusing. At Zego, we pride ourselves on offering products that are suited to your needs and tailored to you, specifically. Our Sense policies offer you the fairest price possible, by taking into account how well you drive, and rewarding you for driving well and safely. Read on to find out how Sense can help drivers like you save money on your policy, and learn more about the many benefits of a Sense policy!

What Exactly is Zego Sense?

Sense is the technology that powers our fairer policies. It’s built into the Zego Sense app already – all you have to do is install the app, log-in once, and start driving. While you’re out on the road, the app will work in the background, sensing how you drive over time. Sense uses this information to create your driver score and offer you our fairest policies at renewal.

What data does Zego collect through the Sense app?

You share your location information and motion data with us via the Zego Sense app, so we can understand how you drive and offer you fairer policies. That means we’ll know how much you drive, how far you drive, which areas you drive in, how quickly you go, and we’ll get an idea of how you accelerate, decelerate, and take corners.

We also receive general information about you installing or uninstalling the app.

These are the only pieces of data Sense can access. It cannot and will not access any other apps or documents, such as your emails, contacts, photos, banking information, health information, or social media. It will also not penalise you for using other apps on your phone as you drive, such as work provider apps.

Since we understand the importance of privacy, only Zego has access to your driving data. Our underwriter, Wakam, can view any changes to your price, but they don’t have full access to your data. No other third party has access to any of the information collected by Zego Sense. It’s just between us.

How does Sense use the data it collects from me?

Zego Sense uses your data to build up a clearer understanding of how you drive as an individual, allowing us to offer you the fairest policy possible -- the better you drive, the less you pay. You can develop an understanding of how well you’re driving by taking a look at your driver score. We’re committed to offering better drivers more fairly priced policies.

What is my driver score and how do you calculate it?

Your driver score is a reflection of how well you drive over time, based on the data Sense gathers. It gives you an idea of your performance and an indication of whether or not you’re on track for a better price at renewal.

Your driver score is based on a 14-day rolling average of your driving behaviour. This includes factors like braking, accelerating and cornering. Since it’s a rolling score, as that 14 day window progresses, you might see changes in your average score, even if you haven’t driven for a couple of days. Most importantly, remember that this score is an average, so any one-off mistakes shouldn’t have an impact.

Which driving behaviours can negatively impact my price at renewal?

The driving behaviours that can negatively impact a bad driver’s price at renewal include harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, sharp cornering, and excessive speed. Don’t forget, though, that the app senses your driving over time, so it offers a clear picture of your driving overall, and won’t be skewed by one moment or even just one day.

Is my driver score/renewal price impacted by how much I drive?

No, our Sense policy is not a pay-as-you-go or a mileage/usage based product. How much you drive will not impact your current quote or future renewal prices.

How do I get started with Sense? Do I have to switch it on every time I drive?

No – Sense is designed so you can set it and forget it. All you have to do to activate your Sense policy is install the Zego sense app and log-in once. After that, the app works in the background while you drive, so it should always be “on”.

What happens if my phone dies/I turn off my cellular data/ I’m a passenger in another driver’s car?

Sense is designed to offer you the fairest policy possible. That’s why it builds up a picture of how you drive over time. That means it’s ok if your phone’s battery dies from time to time, or if you lose cellular data. Likewise, the app is designed to recognise when you’re a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, vs. when you yourself are driving, and it will ignore any data that’s not relevant to your driving.