Nissan NV300 Van Review (2024)

Written by Steve Cook

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The Nissan NV300 has arrived on the UK van market with an updated design and a range of smart features. This latest model continues Nissan's legacy of offering versatile and reliable commercial vehicles, designed to meet the needs of busy delivery drivers and tradespeople.

In this review, we’ll find out what’s inside the new Nissan NV300 and help you decide if it’s the right van for you.

Quick verdict

The latest redesign of the Nissan NV300 combines the practical utility you’d expect from a good mid-sized van with the advanced tech and comfort of a modern passenger vehicle.

Standing apart from its closest competition — namely the Renault Trafic and Vauxhall Vivaro — the NV300 distinguishes itself with a superior 5 year (100,000 mile) warranty and a thoughtful balance between performance and economy.

At a glance — pros and cons


  • Comprehensive warranty well above the industry standard.
  • Range of diesel engines offering economical yet powerful performance.
  • Car-like interior comfort and a good range of standard safety features.


  • The lack of an automatic option may put some buyers off.
  • Its similarity with some competitor models may hinder its ability to stand out in a busy market.


When it comes to van insurance, the NV300 is an attractive proposition for drivers and businesses looking to keep costs down. With an insurance group rating that mirrors its safety and efficiency, the NV300 can help to keep the cost of van insurance for business more manageable.

Driving experience

With an efficient 1.6-litre diesel engine offered in four distinct outputs, the NV300 caters to a range of driving needs. The vehicle shines with its twin-turbo engines, particularly the 123bhp variant, which strikes an ideal balance between fuel efficiency and power.

Despite the lack of an automatic option, the manual gearbox is precise, enhancing the NV300's appeal to drivers who prefer an engaged driving experience.

Interior and technology

The NV300's cabin is a testament to Nissan's commitment to combining utility with comfort. The interior, available across Visia, Acenta, and Tekna trims, incorporates technology and practical design elements to support drivers through long hours on the road.

From basic connectivity options in the Visia trim to the advanced NissanConnect system in Tekna, the NV300 offers a solid range of infotainment and interface options for all drivers.


Practicality lies at the heart of the NV300's design philosophy, offering various configurations to suit different business needs. Its functional load space is capable of holding large amounts of cargo, and features like the load-through facility allow you to transport longer items and bulkier materials.


The NV300 not only presents great value for money, but also boasts a market-leading warranty, making this a good investment for any van owner. This extended warranty, coupled with the vehicle's cost-effective running and maintenance profile, positions the NV300 as a wise choice for businesses looking for reliability and affordability.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Nissan NV300 reliable?

The NV300's robust design and comprehensive warranty underscore Nissan's confidence in its reliability, making it a dependable choice for delivery drivers, business owners and tradespeople.

What are the NV300's running costs?

With its range of efficient diesel engines, the NV300 is designed to keep running costs low, offering an economical solution for businesses looking to minimise ongoing expenses.

Is the Nissan NV300 the same as the Renault Trafic?

Yes, the Nissan NV300 is closely related to the Renault Trafic, sharing the same engines and body structure, with only minor differences in interior trim and styling.

What type of van is the Nissan NV300?

The Nissan NV300 is a versatile mid-sized van, available primarily as a panel van. It also comes in other configurations such as crew van, combi van and platform cab, offering various lengths, engines and equipment to suit different needs.

Nissan NV300 vs Mercedes Sprinter

The NV300 stands out for its market-leading warranty and economic engine options, making it ideal for businesses focused on cost-efficiency. In contrast, the Mercedes Sprinter offers superior cargo space and power, catering to those needing more robust haulage capabilities.

Nissan NV300 vs Ford Transit

Compared to the Ford Transit, the NV300 offers a compelling warranty and a strong value proposition. While the Transit provides a broader range of engine options and configurations, the NV300 excels in affordability and running costs.

The NV300 vs Citroen Berlingo

Both vans cater to different segments of the market, with the NV300 positioned as a versatile mid-sized van and the Citroen Berlingo as a more compact option. The NV300's warranty and load capacity make it suitable for more demanding commercial jobs, whereas the Berlingo is favoured for urban deliveries and smaller cargo needs.