UK Private Hire Drivers. How to Make the Most of Uber Pro

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  • Uber Pro benefits can be worth £thousands per year
  • Members must get to Gold level and above to get best rewards
  • UK taxi drivers could save £hundreds every year by switching to Zego Private Hire insurance

Uber launched Uber Pro UK in October 2019. The program rewards Private Hire drivers for their loyalty and best service via  four tiers of membership – Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each tier offers different rewards, some of which could be worth thousands per year.

Uber Pro is a progressive program. The more you put in, the more you get out. But how can a driver maximise membership? Here’s what you need to know to make the most of Uber Pro:

What are Uber Pro Points?

Uber Pro members join at the Blue level and automatically receive Blue rewards. However, better stuff starts happening at Gold, good stuff can be found at Platinum, and great stuff awaits at Diamond. Drivers must accrue points to reach these prizes.

Points, trips, and hours:

Next up from the entry level Blue tier comes Gold. To reach this level, drivers must build 500 points if they work in London, or 600 if they work elsewhere in the UK. Drivers earn 1 point for every trip, which means 500 trips in three months to get to Gold in London. That’s 166 trips a month, or 38 trips a week over a thirteen weeks period.

Is this possible? Yes, it is. If a London driver completes two trips an hour, they need to work 19 hours a week to reach Gold level. According to Oxford University, over half of UK Uber drivers work more than 30 hours per week. For them, achieving Gold status should not be difficult, even when the target is 600 points outside the capital.

The higher you go, the more points you need:

At the higher tiers, the needed points become more challenging. A London driver needs 900 points for Platinum and 1300 for Diamond. At two trips per hour, they must work 35 hours a week to reach Platinum and 50 hours per week for Diamond. Outside London, the needed hours rise to 46 and 69 per week respectively.

Importantly, Uber Pro is a rolling program. Drivers cannot reach a premium tier then sit back. They must maintain their points levels every month to keep receiving benefits.

Double or triple your points by working less:

Happily, there is an easier way to reach the needed points with less hours on the road.

Uber offers double and triple points for drivers who work during special periods. In London, a driver can earn two points per trip for journeys completed between 6.00am and 10.00 am Mon – Fri, and between 10.00pm and 4.00am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Three points per trip are on offer to drivers elsewhere in the UK for trips between the hours of 10.00pm and 4.00am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Drivers who work exclusively in double and treble points sessions can dramatically increase their points and achieve the highest tiers and best benefits in less time than working during regular hours.

Which Uber Pro points rewards are worth the most?

Maximising Uber Pro also means taking full benefit of the most valuable rewards available:

Fuel card:

The Shell Go+ fuel card gives a discount on every litre of fuel purchased. The saving ranges from 1.5% at Blue all the way up to 5% at Diamond level - significantly more than the typical 1% reward that most supermarket loyalty cards offer.

Open University:

Reach Gold level and above and the doors to Open University fly open. Uber Pro covers 100% tuition costs for drivers or an eligible member of their family. Many people think Open University is free. It isn’t. Open University currently says that a typical 360-credit honours course will cost £3,228 per year – for six years. Based on this, the total value of Uber Pro’s 100% tuition would be £19,368.

Breakdown Assistance:

Uber Pro gives Gold and above members free AA breakdown recovery. This includes roadside assistance, home start and towing recovery. Current pricing for this service – to cover any driver in a specific vehicle – reveals it’s worth £99 a year or more.

Is Uber Pro worth it?

Uber Pro is worth it, but drivers must reach the upper levels to get the full benefit. Based on the three rewards above, a Diamond member who spends £1000 a month on fuel, enters themselves or a family member to Open University, and makes use of the AA, could benefit by up to £3,377 a year.

How can Private Hire drivers save more without Uber Pro?

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