Under the Hood: Zego Sense

Written by Sam Wilson-Brown

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In our previous edition of Under The Hood, we learned about Zego’s approach to underwriting and how we’re making the price of insurance fairer for good drivers.

Central to that approach is Zego Sense — our telematics insurance that rewards safe drivers with lower prices.

For our next edition, we chatted with Sam Wilson-Brown, our Lead Product Manager for the Sense app, to find out more about Zego Sense and how we’re changing insurance for the better.

Quick recap: What’s Zego Sense?

It’s our app-based insurance that allows drivers to earn discounts on their renewal price when they drive well.

It uses telematics — a type of technology that measures how your vehicle moves while on the road — to build a picture of how you drive.

Using the sensors in your smartphone, it’s able to detect things like how fast you accelerate and how harshly you brake, plus other factors like where and when you drive.

Then, using clever calculations, it builds a profile of your average driving habits over time and gives you a driver score.

The higher your score, the lower your price when you come to renew.

What are the latest features in the Sense app?

We’ve recently developed our new Universal Score.

Previously, some customers found that even though they were driving on a regular basis, their score wasn’t changing much.

This meant that sometimes it could be hard to see how your driving was improving.

With the new Universal Score, we give more weight to your recent trips, which means you get to see the benefits of good driving, sooner.

This also means you have more control over your driver score, and ultimately more control over your renewal price.

Another feature we’ve added very recently allows you to see how much you’re on track to save when you renew. We call it Price Before Sense.

Our customers need to see that if they drive well and build a good score, they’ll be rewarded for it.

That’s why, in the last couple of weeks, we’ve released a new feature in the app that allows you to see the actual amount of money you’ve saved based on your score.

This makes things much more transparent for our customers, again giving them more control over their price when they renew.

Tell us about the Future of Zego Sense: What does 2024 look like?

Sense Insights

We want customers to get more out of Sense.

Right now, we’re working on improvements in the app that will offer better and more detailed insights into your driving.

By giving customers more information about how their scores are calculated, and why certain driving factors are higher or lower than others, we can help them to build a higher score, and therefore pay a lower price at renewal.

We also want to offer better insights into how customers can improve their driving.

It’s one thing to show what your driver score is, but we think we can offer much clearer and more actionable information about what improvements you could make to build a better score.

And, by making these insights personalised to each individual customer, we can help them to practise safer driving for a better score and a lower price on their insurance.

More on that soon!