What Insurance Is Needed For Amazon Flex? (The Full Guide 2022)

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Whether you’re a long-time Amazon Flex driver or just starting out, a crucial part of your delivery gig is insurance. It keeps you covered in case you’re involved in an incident while delivering.

To drive for Amazon Flex, you’ll need Hire & Reward insurance. This is a type of commercial auto insurance policy that covers you for making deliveries in exchange for money.

You’ll also need Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance. This is the usual personal auto insurance policy you’ll have on your vehicle at home. It covers you for personal use, things like driving to the shops or commuting.

Amazon Flex insurance requirements

As an Amazon Flex driver, you’re classed as an independent contractor (sometimes called a self-employed driver). This means you’ll use your own vehicle to make deliveries, and you’ll only get paid for the deliveries you make.

It also means it’s your responsibility to get insured with the right type of cover.

What insurance do self-employed delivery drivers need?

As a self-employed delivery driver, you’ll need a commercial insurance policy. This type of insurance protects you while driving for work, like delivering food or working as a courier.

Commercial insurance includes things like public liability cover, which you won’t get with your usual Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) personal auto insurance policy. This protects you if you’re involved in an accident and you injure someone or cause damage to their property.

If you can find a policy that covers you for both commercial and personal insurance (H&R and SD&P), that could be a good option. You’ll be insured for using your car for work and for personal use.

What’s business class insurance?

One type of insurance you may have heard of is business class, or class 3 insurance. It’s a type of vehicle insurance that covers certain business activities, however it usually differs from commercial Hire & Reward (H&R) insurance.

For instance, sometimes business class insurance only covers you if you’re travelling between two set locations to deliver goods, rather than from a depot to lots of different addresses.

Can I deliver with Amazon Flex with only class 3 insurance?

To be an Amazon Flex driver, you’ll need commercial insurance coverage that includes Hire & Reward (H&R). Some business class 3 insurance policies aren’t as comprehensive as commercial H&R insurance.

That’s because you’ll be delivering third-party goods to lots of different locations. And you’ll need the right level of cover for things like legal and public liability.

It’s worth checking that it covers you for delivering with Amazon Flex.

How much is Amazon Flex delivery driver insurance?

The amount you’ll pay for Amazon delivery driver insurance depends on a few things. Before you can get an accurate quote, insurers will look at the type of vehicle you drive, where you drive it and what you tend to use it for.

They’ll also consider your driving history and any insurance claims you’ve made in the past.

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Does Amazon Flex provide insurance for drivers?

Amazon no longer provides insurance for Amazon Flex drivers. It stopped providing ‘Additional Cover’ commercial insurance in 2022.

This covered drivers while using their cars to make deliveries, including cover for any damage to third party vehicles.

It didn’t cover drivers for using their cars for personal use (SD&P), which meant that drivers had to take out a separate personal auto insurance policy.

So if you’re planning to become an Amazon Flex driver, you’ll need to arrange your own insurance coverage with an approved insurer (and we’re one of them).

Can I drive for Amazon Flex with my own car?

To deliver with Amazon Flex, your personal vehicle needs to be mid-size or bigger, with at least 5 seats. If your vehicle has fewer than 5 seats, you won’t be able to use it to make deliveries.

The exceptions are vans and enclosed bed pickup trucks, where the covered space is used to protect parcels from the elements.

Can Amazon Flex drivers have a passenger?

Amazon does allow you to carry a passenger or pet while making deliveries, but there are a few rules to follow:

  1. When picking up from an Amazon Logistics delivery station, your passengers will need to stay in your vehicle.
  2. When picking up from Amazon Fresh, Morrisons or other store locations, your passengers won’t be allowed to enter the delivery station, or the restricted pick-up areas in the stores.
  3. Your vehicle must have enough space to safely accommodate any passenger or pet and all parcels assigned to your block.
  4. Passengers and pets, except for service animals, must not have any interaction with customers. And they cannot accompany you when you deliver parcels to Amazon customers.
  5. Passengers must not drive the vehicle while you’re delivering with Amazon Flex.

Some auto insurance companies may have different requirements for carrying passengers and pets while delivering. So it’s always a good idea to check that you’re covered before you start driving.

Can I work for Uber with Amazon Flex insurance?

If you’re driving for Uber, you’ll need private hire taxi insurance, which covers you for carrying passengers in exchange for money.

If you’re working for Uber Eats, you may be able to use a similar Hire & Reward insurance policy as Amazon Flex drivers. You’ll just need to make sure that you’re covered for the type of goods you'll be delivering and the work you’ll be doing.

Whichever policy you choose, always check that it meets the minimum requirements before you start driving.

Can you be a delivery driver without delivery insurance?

Before you can start working as a delivery driver, you’ll need the right type of insurance coverage.

If you’re delivering third party goods as a courier or delivery driver, you’ll need a commercial auto insurance policy that includes Hire & Reward. That goes for whether you’re using a car, van or scooter to make deliveries.

If you’re delivering food, say for Uber Eats or Just Eat, you’ll need a similar commercial auto insurance policy that includes cover for food delivery.

And as mentioned above, if you’re carrying passengers in exchange for money, you’ll need private hire insurance.

You’ll probably also need a personal auto insurance policy for driving outside of work (known as Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance). This keeps you covered when driving to the depot to start working, or commuting home after your shift has ended.

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