What is Telematic Private Hire Insurance? Is it worth it?

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From fuel and repairs to taxes and road tolls, the cost of running a taxi keeps going up. To stay ahead of this surging price spiral, UK taxi drivers must find more ways to save money. One area they could consider is Telematic Private Hire insurance - a different type of cover that offers discounts up to 32%.

How does Telematics Private Hire insurance work?

Standard Private Hire insurance and taxi policies use a mix of price factors that include things like the driver’s postcode, age, and where they keep their car at night to calculate the cost. The driver’s driving skills are only one part of the equation. In contrast, Telematic insurance is all about the driver. It uses actual driving information to calculate the price of the policy.

Zego Sense is state of the art Telematic PH insurance. Working off the driver’s smartphone, it’s an app-based programme that scores the way the driver drives. There’s no hassle with a black box. An easy download and a few set-up tweaks are all it takes to get going. The app works without bothering the driver, simply measuring the actions that make a ride safe and comfortable for passengers. These valuable skills generate a driver score that builds over time and is reflected in the price of the policy – which gets cheaper the higher the score and the safer the driver is.

How do Telematics affect insurance?

A driver may be the best taxi driver in the world, but with standard PH insurance, the cost of their cover will only go down as no-claims discount (NCD) takes effect. Unless they make a claim, (or get penalty points on their licence), their actual skills on the road will make no difference to the price they pay. In contrast, Telematics insurance focuses on the driver’s ability, rewarding safe driving with lower costs faster than NCD. Drivers who score well will typically see additional reductions in their premium within 90 days of buying a Zego Sense policy.

Who is Telematic insurance for?

New drivers, experienced drivers – Zego’s Telematics Private Hire insurance is available for all UK taxi drivers, no matter who they are or how long they’ve been driving for a living.

What are the benefits of Telematic insurance?

Zego Sense is like a taxi driver’s personal trainer. It wants the driver to achieve their best. It lets the driver know when their driving is not at its peak, and it offers tips and hints to help them get the best score they can. The higher that is, the more they save – up to 32%.

Does Telematic Private Hire insurance also cover food delivery?

Yes. Zego Sense insurance is all-in-one. It covers taxi drivers for private hire and insurance for fast food delivery work as well as when they use their vehicle for personal use.

What data will my Telematics app review?

Zego Sense only measures driving skills – actions like soft braking, smooth cornering and sticking to the speed limit. It’s also a contained system. The data it reviews to generate a driver score is only used to calculate the policy price. The information is secure and never shared or sold.

How much can you save with Telematic taxi insurance?

Zego Sense policies offer flexible 30 days cover, third party or fully comprehensive. Drivers insure their vehicle when they want to work and save when they don’t. Switching to a Sense policy rewards drivers with an immediate 15% discount and they earn more savings as their driver score goes up. Best drivers can benefit from discounts worth up to 32%.

Private Hire insurance. Is monthly, annual, or Telematic cover best for me?

Annual policies are the most cost-effective way to buy Private Hire insurance, however, some taxi drivers may only work seasonally, or when they’re not doing other types of work. For them, a rolling 30 days policy may be best. If the driver can maintain a high driver score, Telematic 30 days cover can offer bigger discounts than regular monthly insurance.

How can I get Telematic Private Hire insurance?

Discover the best Private Hire insurance with Zego. Buy 30 days or annual policies. Or choose Zego Sense, the Telematics policy that rewards good drivers with lower prices – the safer you drive, the more you save.

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