Zego features in The Telegraph’s Best of British Business series

Written by Benedict Harrison

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Image: Text "Zego: The Best of British Business"

We’re excited to announce that Zego has been featured in The Telegraph’s Best of British Business series. This running feature is jointly produced by The Telegraph and Business Reporter and aims to support, promote and inspire companies from around the UK.

Last week’s edition took an in-depth look at how Zego is revolutionising the insurance industry by providing simple, flexible and usage-based policies that help to save customers time and money on their cover.

As part of this feature, Zego’s CEO & Co-founder, Sten Saar, joined Business Reporter’s Alastair Greener in the studio to explore how Zego’s insurance products are adapting to the changing needs of customers. Watch the video below.

Saving people and businesses time and money

When Zego was founded in 2016, we were solving a problem for delivery riders by offering them an insurance solution that was charged in accordance with how much they worked and how much cover they received.

Since then, we have expanded the availability of our solutions, designing products that can offer customers a price that is far more accurately based on their actual risk. By incorporating novel rating factors based on a driver’s behavioural data into our pricing engine and layering this with information collected through technical integrations, we are able to truly understand risk and how it changes over time.

Zego exists to provide cover that powers opportunities for individuals and businesses, who have often been held back by the rigidity of traditional insurance policies. We believe that everyone should have access to cover that suits their individual needs. We are proud to say that Zego has now insured more than 200,000 vehicles, covering more than 1 billion miles on the road.

To read the full article, you can visit The Telegraph’s Best of British Business series, or to learn more about Zego’s products, have a look at the homepage of our website.