We've launched Zego Business Van Insurance

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Van business owner standing in front of row of parked vans

We’ve officially launched our new Business Van Insurance product!

Business Van Insurance caters specifically to the needs of businesses that rely on vans for operations, but not for deliveries.

We’ve already sold more than 3,000 policies since its initial release at the end of 2023, and builds on the success of our Van Courier Insurance. It also further demonstrates our commitment to providing bespoke but flexible insurance solutions for a growing range of van drivers.

Unlike our Van Courier Insurance, Business Van Insurance was designed to address the unique insurance requirements of businesses that rely on their vans for transporting equipment, goods, or personnel, but not deliveries.

Our Business Van Insurance provides comprehensive coverage to protect these businesses from the unexpected, as well as some key additional benefits such as competitive pricing, flexibility, and an extremely efficient claims process.

The launch of Business Van Insurance marks a significant milestone for us, as it continues to expand our product range to serve the diverse needs of more and more individuals and businesses that use their vehicles for work.

It’s also a sign of things to come for us in 2024, including a range of further product launches, as we continue to grow our offering and approach profitability.

Our CEO, Sten Saar, expressed his excitement about the launch, commenting: "We are thrilled to officially introduce our Business Van Insurance product, which reflects our continued dedication to providing tailored solutions for van drivers. This product, like all of our insurance solutions, is a testament to Zego's commitment to innovation and to meeting the evolving needs of a growing range of customers."

To learn more about, please visit our Business Van Insurance page.