Breakdown Cover For Taxi & Private Hire Vehicles

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At Zego, we consistently work towards delivering top-quality products to our customers. We are elated to announce that now our Private Hire insured customers can benefit from our bespoke Taxi Breakdown Cover. As an esteemed partner of Uber driver insurance, Zego offers you the opportunity to access breakdown cover at competitive rates.

Our comprehensive Taxi Breakdown Cover comes at a modest £40 annually or a convenient £8 for 30 days. Policyholders can benefit from a thorough cover, which includes Roadside Assistance, Recovery, and Home Assistance:

  • Roadside Assistance: Should your vehicle breakdown by the roadside, rest assured, we'll have you covered.
  • Recovery: If a breakdown occurs, we bear the cost of transporting both you and your vehicle to the nearest garage for necessary repairs.
  • Home Assistance: We guarantee your vehicle gets fixed even within a close range from your home address. For instance, if your car battery gives up, we have got it covered.

Private Hire Vehicle Breakdown Cover is our latest enhancement available as an optional extra along with our Private Hire insurance. With Zego, you can not only compare taxi breakdown cover rates but also those with a No Claims Discount (NCD) for 3 years or more can include NCD protection in their policy. This cover protects up to 5 years of NCD for up to a single fault claim.

Obtaining a quote for your taxi insurance or private hire insurance is quick and easy with Zego – it’s only a matter of a few minutes! Please fill in your details below to get started. If you prefer human interaction, our team, including professional drivers, are available at 020 7206 0221 to provide assistance seven days a week.

Our breakdown cover not only protects vehicles but also takes care of personal cover for drivers. Furthermore, our cover includes National Recovery to your chosen destination and even European Breakdown Cover for those travel-intensive days.

At Zego, we aim to provide complete peace of mind to our customers. With our taxi breakdown cover, you'll find yourself back on the road in no time with the help of our local recovery team. In the unfortunate event that repairs can't be completed the same day, we provide overnight accommodation or cover the cost of onward travel to one destination. This ensures you and your passengers reach your destination without any further hassles.

What is Car Recovery?

Car recovery is a vital service for drivers experiencing vehicle breakdowns, providing roadside assistance, vehicle transportation to repair facilities, and home-based support for minor repairs. It's designed to offer quick relief and efficient solutions, minimizing disruption during such stressful events. Car recovery costs vary depending on the service provider and the extent of the assistance required, but they are essential for ensuring safety and convenience on the road. At Zego, our Taxi Breakdown Cover integrates these services, offering comprehensive support to our Private Hire insured customers at competitive rates, ensuring they are covered in every breakdown scenario.

Breakdowns can happen to any vehicle, anytime.

Whether it's a taxi breakdown, a private hire vehicle breakdown, or even a personal car breakdown – these events can disrupt your day. Choose Zego, your reliable breakdown company, and ensure your vehicle is always covered. We're here to help you get back on the road, whether your vehicle breaks down within the UK or in Europe.

Get covered with Zego - we understand that your vehicle is more than just a car; it's your business. We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance both within the UK and across Europe, ensuring your business never takes a break. Enjoy the multitude of benefits that come with being a member of Zego today!

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