Zego Sense – We’ve improved the way we calculate your driver score

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We listened to your feedback and improved the way we calculate your driver score. Now it’s more accurate, which means you get a fairer price for your policy.

Here’s what’s changed.

We only measure trips within the UK and Ireland

You asked, we acted! Now, your score only gets updated by trips you make within the UK and Ireland. Journeys elsewhere won’t affect your score.

That’s why it’s extra important that you switch on location permissions — it lets us know where you’re driving.

Vehicle detection just got better

Our app knows if you’re travelling in a car or in a different type of vehicle. So you don’t need to worry about your score being affected when you’re not driving.

The Zego Sense app is constantly learning about your driving habits. Over time, our technology can tell the difference between when you’re driving and when you’re a passenger in another vehicle.

There’s more to come…

We’re always working on other improvements to help you pay an even fairer price for your cover. Keep an eye out for updates coming soon…

For now, open the Zego Sense app and check out your score. Keep driving well and you could be on track for better savings when you renew!

If you’re not a Zego Sense customer yet, you can find out more about our app-based policies here.

Got questions?

You’ll find the answers in our Sense FAQs.