Zego's vision for the future of mobility

Welcome to the future

It is the year 2040 and you are standing on Leadenhall Street, London.

The world has become more sustainable and there has been rapid technological advance. Mobility is no exception.

All vehicles are now electric and fully-autonomous.

Futuristic Hackney cabs and London buses pass you on the street. Delivery drones and air taxis in the sky. Electric bikes sit solar charged on the roadside.

Yet in this fully autonomous world, there is still risk.

Just like today, Zego is there to power opportunities and to offer insurance solutions for mobility companies of all types - even the new types that only exist in 2040...

Explore our vision for the future of mobility below.

1. Collecting packages

In 2040, packages will be collected from fleets of fully-autonomous delivery vans that come to your offices when you arrive and leave when you go.

They will be parked in plant-friendly thoroughfares, will be self-service and all electric.

2. Delivering cargo

Similarly, fully-autonomous electric drones will operate as a cargo delivery system high above the city, delivering large scale items directly to buildings.

Previously unused rooftops across the city are now safe landing spaces and access points for these drones.

3. The Park and Charge system

Down below, the Park and Charge system will be in operation across the city, replacing traditional street parking for drivers.

Hyper-efficient and sustainable, these charging points will not have any charging cables, but will power on when a vehicle drives on top.

4. Single-person vehicles

Single-person vehicles will be a great way to get around.

Small and made of very light and thin metal, these vehicles will be fully-autonomous so there won't be any more crashes.

5. Charging and storing

Universal batteries will be ubiquitous in 2040. Quick, self-serving and sustainable, batteries can be swapped in and out easily, with colours indicating charging status.

Bike storage towers will occupy some of the public space such as in between buildings and will be powered by turbines and making use of city wind tunnels.

6. Catching the bus

On the roads, smaller, fully autonomous electric buses will be able to travel through the much narrower streets of London.

Traditional bus stops and safety signs will have combined with high-tech solutions for improved visibility and an improved standard of public transportation.

7. Catching an air taxi

Meanwhile, The City of London Skyport will facilitate a new addition to the transport network: a fully-autonomous air taxi service.

These new electric drones will transport commuters on longer distances across the city, and will have landing pads that have been built onto existing properties.

8. Grabbing lunch

Lunch time in The City will look a little different with fully-autonomous electric lunch vans.

These vans will congregate at designated public squares and will be an ideal stopping point before going back to work or visiting the London Museum of Fossil Fuels to see the old vehicles of 2022.

9. Travelling in rush hour

Rush hour in 2040 looks a little different.

A new wider bike path will run right along Leadenhall Street, with greenery acting as the safety barrier between vehicles and cyclists.

Multiple rental docks for single-person vehicles will line the roadside, while new-look London cabs and air taxis whizz through the roads and the skies.

What do you think?

This is Zego's vision for the future of mobility.

Just like today, in 2040 Zego will be powering opportunities and offering insurance solutions for mobility companies of all types.

Zego's services currently range from insurance for self-employed private hire taxi drivers, insurance fast food delivery, and fleets of up to thousands of vehicles.

By 2040, who knows...

So, what do you think?

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(3D Visuals created by Another Angle)

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