How to Change Details on Your Zego Policy

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We outline how simple it is to change details on your Zego policy.

Whether you have purchased a new car, moved to a new address or updated your licence, dealing with the paperwork is not a process anyone wants to spend time on.

We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible and unlike other companies, we don’t charge any administration fees for the changes! In this blog post, we’ll outline what a mid-term adjustment is and explain how you can easily change your details with a Zego policy.

What is an MTA?

A midterm adjustment (MTA) is quite simply any change that is made to your details while your policy is active. When you set up a policy, your details are all combined together during the underwriting process to calculate your quotation.

There are a variety of factors which come into consideration, factors you can control like your vehicle type and factors you have less control in changing like your age. When a mid-term adjustment is performed your policy details will change and as a result, factors which affect the underwriting process are updated.

Updating Zego on a Vehicle Change

Performing a mid-term adjustment such as changing your car policy is an easy process. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week via live chat and can update your policy details for you in minutes.

We don’t charge any administration fees for these changes, all you would need to do is pay for the difference if your new details change your quotation.

For instance, if you are changing the vehicle on your policy and it is more expensive than your previous one, we will calculate how many days of cover you have remaining on your policy and allow you to pay the additional amount for that period of time.

On the other hand, if your new vehicle is less expensive in cost to insure, we will refund you the difference for the remaining days of cover. Please keep in mind, if you are eligible for a refund based on any changes, this amount can be made available immediately on your Zego balance or can be returned to your initial payment method with a possible process time of up to 10 days.