Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips for UK Taxi Drivers

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Fuel is a big part of a taxi driver’s overhead. With pump prices at an all-time high and the annual cost running into thousands, saving cash on fuel is essential. Clearly, the best way to do this is to buy your petrol or diesel as cheaply as possible. However, there are other ways to cut the cost of filling up. See below for the best fuel saving tips to boost a private hire driver’s income.

1. Gentle right foot

The faster you go, the more fuel you use. According to the AA, dropping from 80mph to 70mph on the motorway could save you a massive 25% on fuel. Slowing from 70mph to 60mph on major roads is worth another 10%. Easing back on the gas pedal isn’t only safer, it’s money in your pocket.

2. Regular service/maintain your car

Save money by keeping your daily workhorse well maintained. Regular servicing and frequent checks on oil, water and other essentials can keep the value of your car high, and the cost of your fuel low. Just keeping the air-filter clean can save up to 15% on fuel.

3. No revving

Revving the engine when you’re at traffic lights or in a queue doesn’t only make your car noisy, it makes it thirsty. Let the vehicle idle at minimum RPM. If you can see you’re going to be sitting still for a while, turn the engine off. Unnecessary revving can waste 5% of a tank of fuel.

4. Use the correct tyre pressure

Tyres are the only things that keep you in contact with the road. The better condition they’re in, the safer you are and the better your car performs. Correctly inflated tyres can save 3% on fuel consumption. Check pressures at least once a week. (And remember that driving with faulty tyres can affect your insurance in the event of an accident).

5. Lighten the load

Carrying unnecessary weight is a real drag on MPG. Remove anything from the car that you don’t need. (Like a shovel when winter’s gone). Also, remember that 50 litres of petrol weighs about 37 kilograms, or 80lbs. A full tank is partly deadweight. Lugging around an extra 20 kilos you don’t need can trim 1% off MPG. Keep the tank half full but refuel more often.

6. Work the gears

If you have a manual car, make full use of the gears. Changing up and down before the engine is screaming can make a big dent in fuel use. Try to stay in high gear as much as you can, but don’t strain the engine by being in top gear when a lower gear is needed. Doing that can be as thirsty as waiting too long to change up.

7. Does the AC use fuel?

Yes, it does. Running the A/C burns a lot more fuel. Use it sparingly. Ideally, when you don’t have riders in the car, as their comfort comes first. Stick to these rules: On motorways and fast roads, it’s windows up and A/C on. In traffic and at slower speeds, it’s windows down and A/C off.

8. Reduce drag

Modern cars are designed to slip through the air with minimum drag. But it doesn’t take much to ruin sleek aerodynamics. Roof racks, big wheels, cosmetic body kits and bolt-on spoilers can turn a slippery vehicle into a blunt brick that costs you a ton of money in wasted fuel.

9. Download petrol price apps

Tired of driving around looking for a fuel deal? Download petrol price apps like FuelGenie, Fuelio, or PetrolPrices from the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. Find the cheapest fuel in seconds.

10. Get the best Private Hire insurance from Zego

This isn’t a fuel saving tip, but while you’re looking for cheap fuel to save pennies on a litre, you may save £ hundreds every year on the cost of your taxi insurance.

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