UK Private Hire Insurance. How to Switch or Renew

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Like all small business owners, UK taxi drivers must always get the biggest bang for the buck. The cost of Private Hire insurance can vary from one insurer to the next. Making the right choice is essential. It may save drivers £hundreds every year. Here’s what you need to know if you’re about to switch insurer or renew your current Zego policy:

What types of Private Hire insurance are there?

Zego’s Private Hire insurance provides all-in-one cover - protecting licensed PH drivers when they carry passengers, transport food and parcels, or use their vehicle for social and domestic purposes. PH drivers may purchase fully comprehensive or third-party protection - see the differences below.

  • Personal driving/private hire work/food & parcel delivery: Included with 3rd Party or Fully Comprehensive
  • Costs for causing damage to other vehicles or property up to £5m: Included with 3rd Party or Fully Comprehensive
  • Your legal liability for causing death or injury to other people: Included with 3rd Party or Fully Comprehensive
  • Public liability cover up to £5m: Included with 3rd Party and Fully Comprehensive
  • Loss, damage, theft of your vehicle and its spare parts: With Fully Comprehensive only
  • Windscreen (excess £50): With Fully Comprehensive only
  • Audio, communication, navigation equipment (excess £500): With Fully Comprehensive only

How much does Zego Private Hire insurance cost?

Zego offers Private Hire insurance by the month or by the year. 

  • Our 30 days policy is designed for those who want cover for work and free time without any long-term commitment. Buy with one easy payment.
  • Annual coverage is for you if you want a long-term policy to cover your work and free time. You can pay in a single payment or by 9 monthly instalments.

On average, Zego prices for private hire drivers with a good driving record start at £110* for a 30 days policy, or £940* for the annual option. Drivers who switch to Zego Sense, our telematic policy, can earn discounts up to 32% off their 30 days policy, while drivers who choose our annual policy could save £390 over a 12 months period than those who buy rolling 30 days cover. *10% of Zego customers paid these amounts or less for their insurance in the 6 months prior to 21st June 2022.

How to renew my Zego Private Hire insurance

Renewing your current Zego PH insurance is easy. We do all the work. For 30-day policies your quotation will be available 7 days before your policy expires, and for annual policies this is sent to you at least 24 days before. While your renewal quote for 30-day policies can be found by calling us, annual quotes are emailed to you as soon as they are generated.

Alternatively, if you have a 30-days policy and want to save the time of getting in touch for every renewal, just place your Zego insurance account on Auto Renew. Your policy will automatically renew 72 hours before expiry, with payment taken from the primary card on your account. Your new documents will be sent to you as soon as renewal is complete. You’ll receive an email with your new quote before the renewal date if there are any changes to your premium.

Can my insurance premium change upon renewal?

Yes. Private Hire insurance premiums may change upon renewal. The price you pay may go up or down, or sometimes stay the same from one policy to the next. Changes may happen because:

  • Change in your details: If you’ve changed vehicle, or address, or the way you work, this may affect the cost of your policy. Prices may go up or down, depending on the changes that have occurred.
  • Claims and driving history: If there have been claims on your policy, or you’ve gained penalty points for driving errors, your PH insurance premium may go up.
  • No Claims Discount (NCD): If there are no claims on your annual policy or 12 consecutive 30-day policies with Zego, you’ll gain a year’s No Claims Discount. This may reduce the price you pay.
  • Claims cost inflation: General inflation in the economy, the rising cost of vehicle repairs and replacement and increases in the amounts paid for bodily injury claims may drive up the overall cost of PH insurance across the UK. Your premium may reflect this, possibly increasing the cost of your cover.

How to switch to Zego’s Private Hire insurance

Switching to Zego Private Hire insurance is simple. All you need are your vehicle and licence details plus proof of any No Claims Discount you may be entitled to. Get your quote and have a quick chat on the phone. Many drivers get their policy in less than half an hour.

Discover the best Private Hire insurance from Zego. Buy 30 days or annual policies. Or choose Zego Sense, the Telematics policy that rewards good drivers with lower prices – the safer you drive, the more you save.

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