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The cover you need to start working as a food delivery or courier driver in the UK.

If you want to start work as a courier or food delivery driver, but you’re not sure about what insurance you will need, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we'll take you through the different types of cover you'll need to carry out courier or delivery work in the UK.

Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance, or SD&P, is your standard insurance. It covers you for the everyday use of your vehicle. For example, if you are driving to the shops, going to visit a friend or just fancy a day out, you are covered under your Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance. You must have this insurance in place in order to drive legally on the road and you are still required to have SD&P in place even if you only use your vehicle when you are working.

If you are looking to carry parcels, food or passengers in return for money, you will need to have Hire & Reward insurance in place. Your standard Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance will not cover you for your work as a courier or food delivery driver. This means that you must take out Hire & Reward insurance as well as your standard SD&P in order to have the cover you need to be on the road.

When you’re on shift and accept a job, your underlying Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance is no longer covering you. Instead, you are insured under the Hire & Reward insurance that you have in place. Once you log off at the end of your shift, your SD&P insurance covers you once again.

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