Best Cars for Uber Drivers in the UK: Top Choices for Every Uber Service

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Choosing the right car can make a big difference to your success as an Uber driver.

There are lots of things to consider when picking a vehicle, like fuel efficiency, reliability, style and comfort. And there are specific Uber requirements that you’ll need to meet before you can start driving passengers.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best cars for Uber in the UK. We’ll also discuss recommendations for each of Uber’s services, plus frequently asked questions from other Uber drivers.

Best Cars for Uber Drivers in the UK:Best car for UberX is the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

  • Best car for UberPool is the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports
  • Best car for Uber Comfort is the Skoda Superb
  • Best car for Uber Green is the Volkswagen ID.3
  • Best car for Uber Exec is the Volvo S90
  • Best car for UberXL is the Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer
  • Best car for UberACCESS is the Vauxhall Combo Life
  • Best car for Uber Lux is the Mercedes S-Class

Ready? Let’s go.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: Best For Uber X

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Why it's great for UberX

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid is a popular choice for UberX drivers. It offers an impressive fuel economy of up to 62.8 mpg, a comfortable interior, and it’s available at a relatively affordable price.

Equipped with an automatic gearbox, spacious boot, and high-quality equipment as standard, the Ioniq is ideal for long hours on the road. In addition to that, Hyundai's unlimited mileage warranty makes it an excellent choice for high-mileage drivers.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports: Best for UberPool

grey Toyota Corolla Touring Sports:

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Why it's great for UberPool

The Toyota Corolla Touring Sports boasts a spacious 600-litre boot — ideal for passengers’ luggage — plus a generous amount of legroom.

Most Corollas come with a conventional hybrid system, which provides improved fuel economy of up to 62.7 mpg without the need for mains charging. Toyota's reliability offers you a dependable ride, plus the brand's 10-year warranty gives you that extra peace of mind.

Skoda Superb: Best for Uber Comfort

blue Skoda Superb

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Why it's great for Uber Comfort

The Skoda Superb is an affordable and practical choice for Uber Comfort drivers. It offers lots of legroom and a relaxed, comfortable ride.

With a spacious interior, low running costs, and a range of petrol, diesel, and hybrid engine options, the Superb caters to a wide variety of drivers. The hybrid models, while slightly more expensive to buy, offer the lowest emissions and running costs out of all the options.

Volkswagen ID.3: Best for Uber Green

Volkswagen ID.3 blue

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Why it's great for Uber Green

The Volkswagen ID.3 is a popular electric car, with mid-range models boasting a 260-mile range on a full charge. This eco-friendly choice is perfect for zero-emission urban trips and occasional longer journeys.

With a spacious cabin, generous 385-litre boot, and a smart, minimalist look, the ID.3 is both a practical and stylish choice for Uber Green drivers.

Volvo S90: Best for Uber Exec

white Volvo S90

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Why it's great for Uber Exec

The Volvo S90 is a stylish, upmarket choice for any Uber Exec driver. It offers a comfortable, well-built interior and even competes with luxury models like the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series, but at a more affordable price.

Volvo's focus on comfort and quality makes it an ideal choice for passengers who expect a premium experience while travelling.

Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer: Best for UberXL

grey Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

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Why it's great for UberXL

The Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer is a solid choice for UberXL drivers, offering a comfortable and practical 7-seat people carrier.

With a well-designed seating layout and fuel-efficient diesel engine, this vehicle balances style and space at a cost-effective price.

Vauxhall Combo Life: Best for UberACCESS

brown Vauxhall Combo Life

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Why it's great for UberACCESS

The Vauxhall Combo Life is a top pick for UberACCESS, the Uber service catering to wheelchair users. This van-like vehicle boasts a wide-opening boot and spacious rear, so it can be easily converted to accept wheelchairs.

Diesel models offer impressive fuel economy, while the electric option is ideal for Uber Green drivers or those simply looking for an eco-friendly vehicle.

Mercedes S-Class: Best for Uber Lux

Mercedes S-Class in black

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Why it's great for Uber Lux

Looking for the ultimate luxury ride for your passengers? You’ll find it in the Mercedes S-Class, our top choice for Uber Lux drivers.

With a spacious, comfortable, high-quality interior, the S-Class guarantees outstanding ride quality and a premium experience for your passengers.

table showing the best cars for Uber drivers and which Uber service they are suited for

Here’s a quick summary

Choosing the best car for your Uber business in the UK is an important decision. Along with your personal preferences, you’ll need to consider things like fuel economy, passenger comfort, reliability and specific requirements for each Uber service.

Our list of top choices for every Uber service should help you decide which vehicle you need, but of course there are plenty of other options out there (if you prefer a different vehicle not mentioned here, please get in touch and tell us!).

Whichever vehicle you choose, the goal is to give your passengers the best possible experience while maximising your income, minimising your costs and reducing any impact on the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best cars for uber drivers?

How can I tell which car is best for my Uber service?

First, start by checking the specific requirements for each Uber service — things like passenger capacity, luggage space, emissions and accessibility features. Then, factor in your budget, expected mileage, ideal fuel economy and running costs.

Also, check out our list of top recommendations for each Uber service above — that should help to get you started.

How important is fuel economy for Uber drivers?

Fuel economy is really important, as it directly impacts your overall earnings. The more fuel-efficient your car is, the lower your running costs will be.

Choosing a hybrid or fully electric model can significantly reduce your fuel costs, and may also qualify you for extra incentives or lower fees (depending on local regulations). Plus, there are the environmental benefits of driving a vehicle with low-to-zero emissions.

What should I consider when choosing an electric vehicle for Uber?

You should consider factors like the vehicle's range, charging times, and how many electric car chargers there are in your area.

You’ll also need to consider that some electric vehicles are more expensive to buy upfront. But the cost is usually offset overtime due to the lower running costs and potential incentives or tax breaks.

What is the best car for UberX?

The best car for UberX is the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid due to its impressive fuel economy, comfortable interior, and affordable price, ensuring a pleasant experience for passengers.

What is the best car for UberPool?

The best car for UberPool is the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, known for its spacious boot, legroom, and hybrid fuel economy, providing a comfortable shared ride for passengers.

What is the best car for Uber Comfort?

The best car for Uber Comfort is the Skoda Superb, offering ample legroom and a comfortable ride, prioritizing passenger relaxation.

What is the best car for Uber Green?

The best car for Uber Green is the Volkswagen ID.3, a popular electric car with a 260-mile range and spacious cabin, allowing passengers to enjoy eco-friendly travel.

What is the best car for Uber Exec?

The best car for Uber Exec is the Volvo S90, a stylish and comfortable choice with a well-built interior, impressing passengers with its premium feel.

What is the best car for UberXL?

The best car for UberXL is the Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer, a practical 7-seat people carrier, accommodating larger groups of passengers with ease.

What is the best car for UberACCESS?

The best car for UberACCESS is the Vauxhall Combo Life, a spacious vehicle easily convertible for wheelchair access, ensuring a smooth and inclusive experience for passengers with mobility aids.

What is the best car for Uber Lux?

The best car for Uber Lux is the Mercedes S-Class, offering a luxurious and comfortable experience for passengers who expect the highest level of quality and service.

How can I make sure my car meets Uber's accessibility requirements?

If you’re interested in providing UberACCESS services, choose a vehicle that can be easily modified to allow wheelchairs or mobility aids. Look for spacious vehicles with wide-opening boots, and talk to a professional vehicle conversion company to make sure your car meets all the right standards and regulations.

Do I need a specific type of insurance to drive with Uber?

Yes, you’ll need a private hire insurance policy, also known as taxi insurance. It covers you and your vehicle while you’re working, and includes things like public liability insurance in case somebody gets injured following an accident.

Our comprehensive private hire taxi insurance provides you with all the cover you need, and you can manage your policy on the go. Also, Uber is one of our official rideshare partners, so it’s really easy to get covered with us for all your Uber work.