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The UK food delivery industry is big business. Worth more than £11 billion a year. Every day, a small army of drivers carry take-away food to homes, offices, and workplaces as our hunger for restaurant food without the restaurant shows no sign of easing. With delivery demand outstripping driver supply, many newcomers are tempted to try this line of work. One of the first things they ask is, ‘Who are the best food delivery apps to work for?’ Here’s all you need to know:

Uber Eats

A spin-off from the global Uber taxi business, Uber Eats Launched in the UK in 2016 and now claims to cover 90% of the nation’s population. Delivery drivers use cars, vans, scooters, e-bikes and bicycles to deliver food to hundreds of thousands of customers every week.

Average Uber Eats driver income: £10 per hour after fees.                                                                                                                   

Other financial benefits: Flex Pay can get you paid in 48 hours. Uber Eats Boost promotions can multiply earnings by x3 or more                                                                                                                                      

Extras: Uber Eats Pro – a loyalty scheme with rewards that include fuel and clothing discounts and payment of tuition fees to Open University.


A global business that started in the UK in 2013, Deliveroo currently has more than 50,000 delivery drivers and riders on its UK network.

Average Deliveroo driver income: £10 per hour after fees.                        Other financial benefits: Bonuses for bicycle and electric bike riders; pays extra fees per order in selected cities at selected times.                                                      Extras: Deliveroo Perks – a loyalty scheme with a variety of rewards; from cheap e-bike rentals to discounted vehicle cleaning products.

Just Eat

Along with the companies shown above, Just Eat is the third international giant in the UK food delivery business – globally, they process and deliver more than one billion food orders every year.

Average Just Eat driver income: Drivers can work freelance for an average £9.70 per hour, or as an employee, which pays up to £10.20 per hour if the driver works at least 15 hours per week.

Other financial benefits: Bonuses of up to £2.50 per trip for salaried drivers.  Extras: Zero commission for freelancers. Salaried drivers get pension, holiday, and sick pay, plus access to Just Eat bikes and e-bikes.


One of the UK’s newest ride-hailing apps, Ola provides an easy-to-use platform for both Private Hire and metered taxi drivers. Ola landed in London in 2018 and is rolling out to cities across the UK.

Average Ola driver income: Exact figures are unknown, but drivers can expect lower commissions than most other apps at just 18%.                                                                                                                                                                                  Other financial benefits: Next-day payments and no fixed rental charges or fees.                                                                                                                                

Extras: Drivers can earn referral rewards plus other incentives and bonuses. Ola also offers local, on-the-ground support and a 24/7 helpline.


Stuarts provide courier delivery services to restaurants, retailers, and many kinds of UK business. In some locations, they also provide contract drivers and riders for Just Eat.

Average Stuarts driver income: Guaranteed hourly rates, but exact £figures unknown.                                                                                                                   Other financial benefits: £1.50 reward per completed delivery.                  Extras: Stuwie Perks is a loyalty scheme that rewards drivers and riders with a range of prizes, from cheap fuel and discounted food and drinks, to money off movie tickets and tech.


Getir is not a true takeaway food delivery platform. With more than 2,500 drivers on their network, the app delivers ‘last minute’ or emergency groceries to the desperate customer’s door.

Average Getir driver income: £11 per hour.                                                             Other financial benefits: £300 bonus after you’ve worked 100 hours.     Extras: 28 days paid holiday per year including bank holidays.

What insurance do I need to work for food delivery apps?

Food Delivery insurance is a legal requirement for all UK food delivery drivers. Standard motor insurance, (social, domestic, and pleasure – SD&P), does not cover this type of business activity.

Drivers can purchase Zego food delivery cover in addition to their existing SD&P insurance, or they may buy an All-In-One policy that provides combined SD&P and food delivery protection.

Do I need hourly, monthly, or annual Food Delivery insurance?

Third party or fully comprehensive Food Delivery insurance can be purchased by the hour, by the month, or by the year. Your personal circumstances will decide which policy is best for you:

  • Pay-As-You-Go hourly insurance

Ultra-flexible cover that drivers and riders buy only when they are working. Paid for using a top-up app. Suitable for drivers who work intermittently.

  • 30 days monthly insurance

Flexible short-term cover to match driver work schedules. Suitable for drivers who work seasonally, or who also work in other types of industry.

  • Annual policies

Long-term cost=effective cover for drivers who work in the food and parcel delivery industry full-time.

How fast can I get Food Delivery insurance?

Very fast with Zego. From quote to policy in less than half an hour. Discover competitively-priced Food Delivery insurance that may save drivers £hundreds every year. Select third party or fully comprehensive cover with flexible hourly, 30 days, or annual policies.

Download the Zego Delivery app and get a quote – it only takes a minute.