Can you park on double yellow lines?

Written by Steve Cook

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Sometimes, a quick stop to deliver a parcel or pick up a passenger is necessary, especially when you’re navigating busy streets. But, what should you do if the only place to park is on double yellow lines?

Knowing when and where you can park without facing a penalty can make all the difference. In this guide, we explore the latest parking rules, so you can make the right decisions when out on the road.

Can you park on single yellow lines?

Depending on the time of day, you may be able to park on single yellow lines for a short time.

If you see a sign showing specific times or hours, you’ll need to make sure you avoid parking during that time range.

For example, if a sign shows "Mon–Sat, 8am–7pm", this means you’re only allowed to park there before 8am or after 7pm between Monday and Saturday, or at any time on a Sunday. Parking or waiting within the hours shown could see you face a penalty.

The Highway Code emphasises the importance of parking within the time ranges displayed on these signs, or within Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ).

That’s why it’s important to check for any signs or restriction notices before parking your vehicle.

If you can’t see any signs or hours of operation, it’s usually safer to assume that parking is prohibited at all times.

What do single yellow lines mean?

A single yellow line along the kerbside means that parking is restricted during specified times, including the loading and unloading of any vehicles.

The exact restrictions and allowances, including times for parking or stopping, should be clearly shown on nearby signs.

Is parking on double yellow lines ever allowed?

Parking on double yellow lines is not allowed at any time, or any day of the week (including Sundays and bank holidays).

The Highway Code makes it clear that double yellow lines mean no waiting or stopping at any time, regardless of the presence of upright signs.

Some exceptions are allowed in specific locations, for example, to allow the loading or unloading of heavy goods into commercial vehicles. But, any allowances will be clearly marked on roadside signage.

How long can you park on yellow lines?

While parking on a single yellow line outside the restricted hours is allowed, you’ll need to make sure you move your vehicle before the restricted time starts.

On double yellow lines, parking is not allowed at any time.

In some locations, commercial vehicles may be allowed to stop for a short time to load or unload goods, or to pick up passengers on double yellow lines. But drivers will need to check that there are signs clearly indicating these allowances.

Can Blue Badge holders park on double yellow lines?

Blue Badge holders are allowed to park on double yellow lines for up to three hours, as long as the vehicle doesn’t cause an obstruction and the badge is clearly displayed.

Blue Badge holders can’t park in any spaces or bays where loading and unloading is restricted, so it’s always a good idea to check the kerbside signs before stopping.

Fines and penalties

If you’re caught parking illegally or in a restricted zone, even with a Blue Badge, you could receive a £70 fine.

That’s why it's crucial to always check the signs before stopping, and be aware of any yellow lines or restrictions before parking.

By taking a careful and cautious approach, you should be able to avoid any unnecessary penalties or fines.

Can I park on double yellow lines as a delivery driver?

Delivery drivers unloading goods in a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) can park on double yellow lines for up to 40 minutes (as long as there are no signs indicating otherwise).

Drivers in a light goods vehicle (a commercial van, or LGV) can usually park for up to 20 minutes.

Always be prepared to prove to a parking attendant that you're loading or unloading something you couldn't carry from a legal parking spot. And, if you can see waiting restrictions or signs in place (including kerb dashes) you'll need to adhere to these.

Can food delivery drivers park in loading bays?

This is considered a bit of a grey area when it comes to the parking rules, but, in general, food delivery drivers are usually OK to park in a loading bay for a short time to deliver or collect an order.

As always, be sure to check for signs that indicate any specific restrictions, and make sure your vehicle has been moved within the 20 minute allowance for most loading bays.

Can food delivery drivers park on double yellow lines?

As above, food delivery drivers are usually able to stop for a short time on double yellow lines to pick up or drop off food, as this can be classed as loading and onloading.

Just be sure to move your vehicle within the 40 minute allowance, and always check for signs indicating where loading restrictions apply.