How to be a Five Star Uber Driver

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  • Drivers with a top 5.0 score may get more trips and tips
  • Politeness, courtesy, and a good attitude matter most
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Stars matter for private hire drivers. The average UK Uber rating is 4.8, which is great, but it gets no cigar. The closer you get to 5 stars the better. A top score could mean more trips and tips for you.

So how do you reach that gold medal level – and then stay there? We’ve found the best advice from drivers, riders, and industry sources. Read on to see how you can be a 5 star Uber driver.

How do Uber star ratings work?

Uber allows drivers and riders to give each other ratings based on their trip experience. Five stars are top. UK Uber drivers are scored on the average of their last 500 reviews from their riders. Low scores can hurt drivers, as 4.6 is the point where Uber may deactivate their account. High scores could mean drivers get more trips and tips, plus access to better Uber Pro benefits.

How can you improve your Uber star rating?

1. Driving – take it easy

The top reason Uber riders give five stars for driving is when the pick-up and drop-off is easy. This means making it simple for the rider to find you. Don’t leave them searching. If the pick-up point is unclear, or there’s nowhere legal to stop, call the rider to fix a spot to meet. For the drop-off, ask the rider if there’s anything you should know about the destination – such as security or traffic restrictions – and check your GPS isn’t taking you to the backdoor of the destination instead of the front.

2. Rider experience – it’s a question of attitude

Nobody wants to get from A to B with a driver who’s in a bad mood. Poor attitude is the number one reason riders give drivers low star-ratings. Rudeness and lack of care and consideration can really tick your riders off. Of all the things a driver can do to make their passengers happy, this is the easiest problem to fix. Be polite, show you care, and make their trip a pleasant one.

3. In-Car extras – go the extra mile

You don’t need to lay out a feast to make riders happy. Small extras like mints, water, and wet-wipes can please your customers. Their likes often translate into 5 stars and a good tip. Passengers place greatest in-car value on a spare USB cable for charging devices, or an extra AUX cable so they can listen to their own music. Consider buying a multi-function cable with differing connectors to cover all the bases and avoid a glovebox wiring jumble.

4. Clean car – dial down the scent

A clean car inside and out is a must. But show some restraint. Some drivers like to use a powerful ‘new car scent’ air freshener, but that doesn’t make the car small new, it makes it smell like a plastics factory. Riders say they hate this, so don’t do it. Keep the air inside your car fresh but avoid the overpowering smell of pine trees. Go for something light and neutral.

5. Courtesy – help those who need help without being asked

Some passengers need more help than others. Riders who use walking frames, sticks and wheelchairs are the most vulnerable of all. Get them as close to their destination as you can, even if that means turning into their driveway. Ask if they need assistance to their front door. Help them with any packages. Unless they say they don’t need help, assume they do. Some people are just too proud to ask.

What are driver rewards with Uber Pro?

Uber launched Uber Pro UK in October 2019. The program rewards Private Hire drivers for their loyalty and best service via four tiers of membership – Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each tier offers different rewards, some of which could be worth £thousands per year. High star ratings help to lift a driver up the tiers.

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