How to Improve Your Uber Rating (Rider & Driver Tips 2023)

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As an Uber driver, a 5 star rating often means more passengers, more fares and (hopefully) more tips. So to become a successful private hire taxi driver, it’s important to get those stars.

To improve your Uber rating, keep your vehicle clean and avoid smoking or eating in your car. Greeting your customers can help to increase customer satisfaction, leading to a better experience (and hopefully better ratings).

A friendly welcome goes a long way, and don’t forget to ask if they need help with their luggage. Try to make each journey as smooth and efficient as possible — drive carefully and pick the best route.

But there’s more to it than that. Here are our top tips for improving your Uber rating.

Top tips: How to get a better Uber rating

Tick these off your list and you’ll be on track for a 5 star Uber rating.

1. Keep your car clean

This one’s fairly obvious — nobody likes riding in a dirty car. So try to keep it as clean as you can, inside and out.


A shiny vehicle will be much more appealing to passengers waiting for you at the kerb. And if your number plate is covered in grime, it could make your car harder to identify. So try to clean it at least once a week, especially during the winter months when the roads tend to be dirtier.


Inside your vehicle, keep the seats, windows, footwells and door handles clean and sanitised. Use a fabric cleaner to keep upholstery and seat covers nice and fresh. And avoid smoking or eating strong-smelling foods in your car — keep it smelling nice with a good air-freshener if needed.

2. Make each journey a nice experience

A clean vehicle counts towards a good first impression. From there, it’s up to you to give your Uber passengers a great experience and keep those 5 star reviews rolling in.

A friendly welcome

Greet your passengers and ask if they need help with luggage or when getting into your vehicle. A friendly and positive attitude really helps to make your passengers feel comfortable and welcomed. So if you’re having a bad day or just not in the mood for work, consider skipping a shift and driving again when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Noise and temperature

If you’re listening to music or the news, keep the volume low. You could even ask your Uber riders if they have a preference for what to listen to. And try to keep an ambient temperature — not too cold or too hot. See if your passengers would like a window open on warm days, or a little more heat when it’s cold.

Drive considerately

Avoid heavy braking, and take corners at a gentle pace. It goes without saying, but speeding isn’t good for anyone. Driving steadily is safer for you and other road users, and it’ll make your passenger’s journey more comfortable. (Did you know, with Zego Sense you can save money on your insurance when you drive well? It’s our app-based cover for safe drivers.)

At the end of the journey

Thank your passengers for riding with you, and wish them a nice day or onward journey. Keep the friendly, positive vibes going right to the end. And check for any belongings or items left in the car when they leave. If somebody forgets their coat or leaves a bag in the footwell, they’ll really appreciate it if you get it back to them.

3. Offer in-car extras

Small additions and gestures can make the difference between a good Uber rating and a great one.

Hand sanitiser

Covid-19 is still fresh in the memory for many people, so it’s a good idea to keep a clean bottle of anti-bacterial gel or sanitiser near the backseat. It’ll help to show that you keep a clean car, too.

Tissues and wipes

A box of tissues is a nice courtesy, especially during hayfever and cold season. And keep a pack of biodegradable wet wipes close to hand — both you and your passenger will appreciate it if they spill their coffee!

Charging cables

A dead battery can really ruin someone’s day. So offer your passengers a universal charging cable in case they need to top up while they’re travelling with you.

4. Pick the best route

The shortest, fastest and most fuel-efficient route is good for you and your passengers. Here are a few things you can do to improve your Uber rating.

Get to know your roads

Learn where the best shortcuts are and where traffic builds up during rush hour. GPS is handy if you’re driving on new roads, but local driver knowledge is usually best. If you can get your Uber passengers to their destination quickly and efficiently, they’ll be more likely to give you a good rating.

Let your passengers know

Sometimes a slightly longer route can save you time, especially during busy periods or when roadworks are taking place. So let your passengers know why you’re taking a certain route — it’ll make them feel like they’re in good hands.

5. Keep your phone updated

Your smartphone is your key to earning money with app-based, ride-hailing companies like Uber, Ola and Bolt. If it’s not working properly, you might not be able to give your passengers the best experience.

Download the latest app version

Apps are constantly being updated, so keep checking your app store to make sure you have the latest version on your phone. Older versions might have bugs or issues that could cause problems while you’re working.

Keep your phone in good working order

Older smartphones can be a bit slow or glitchy, especially if they’re running older operating systems. So use the best phone you can afford, and make sure it has all the latest updates installed.

Use a phone mount while driving

It’s easier to see where your destination and next ride is, and it makes it easier to follow map directions, too. If your passengers see you holding your phone while trying to drive, it could make them feel unsafe.

7. Keep chat to a minimum

It’s good to talk, but some passengers see an Uber ride as an opportunity to sit back and relax.

Let your passenger start the conversation

If your Uber rider wants to chat, that’s great! But many people might prefer to stay quiet, or even use the time to catch up with messages or emails on their phones. If they look busy or like they just don’t want to talk, it’s best to let them be.

Avoid sensitive topics

Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But an Uber ride isn't the best place to get into a heated debate! If your passenger starts talking about sensitive topics (things like politics or religion), try to steer the conversation towards something lighter. Keep it friendly.

Common questions from Uber drivers

Check out these FAQs from Uber drivers.

Do higher rated Uber drivers get more rides?

Uber drivers with higher ratings tend to get more rides. That’s because passengers are more likely to use them over drivers with low ratings.

Think about choosing a restaurant you find on Google or TripAdvisor. You’re more likely to pick a place with good reviews over one with bad reviews. Same thing applies here.

Does Uber deactivate drivers for low ratings?

If your Uber driver rating falls below a certain level, Uber can deactivate your account. Some reports say that accounts with a rating below 4.6 can be deactivated, so it’s best to keep it as high as you can.

How to check your Uber driver rating

To check your Uber driver rating, open the Uber app. From the homescreen, tap the main menu in the top left corner then select your profile picture at the top. This will open your Uber driver profile — your Uber rating is shown there.

You can tap your rating to see how many ratings you’ve received from riders over the last 500 trips.

Is 4.5 a good Uber rating?

Uber ratings below 4.7 are considered to be below average. So a rating of 4.5 isn’t very good. If your rating falls below 4.6 for a long period of time, there’s a risk that Uber will deactivate your account.

Why is my Uber rating so low?

If your Uber driver rating is low, and hasn’t shown signs of improving, you might need to make some changes.

Try to think why your passengers might be giving you low ratings: Does your vehicle need to be cleaned? Are you picking the best routes? Is there something else giving passengers a bad experience?

Look at any reviews or comments from your Uber riders and try to find out what’s wrong. With a few simple changes, you may be able to grow your rating quite quickly.

Does tipping affect your Uber rating?

No, tipping doesn’t affect your Uber rating. Uber states that tips aren't tied to 5 star ratings. In fact, Uber riders have to rate their trip before they can add a tip.

Is a 5 star rating rare?

A perfect 5 star Uber rating is quite rare. Your Uber driver rating is calculated using feedback from your last 500 trips, so it only takes a couple of bad reviews to nudge your overall rating down.

But follow the tips above and you could be on track for a place in the top bracket!

What insurance do I need as an Uber driver?

To drive for Uber, you’ll need private hire taxi insurance, plus your usual personal car insurance. Private hire is a form of Hire & Reward insurance (H&R), which allows drivers to carry passengers (or parcels) in exchange for money. It covers you in case you have an accident while you’re working.

Need a quote? You can get a price for Uber private hire insurance in minutes right here. Uber is one of our partners, so it’s easy to get set up and on the road with us.