Experience Uber Lux: Your Guide to Uber's Luxury Cars

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Uber has changed the way people travel and commute, offering a range of convenient ride options for almost every type of passenger.

One of the ride-hailing app’s premium offerings is Uber Lux. It provides Uber passengers with a choice of luxurious, high-end vehicles driven by top-rated drivers.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at what Uber Lux is, how it works, and the benefits it offers to both passengers and drivers. We'll also cover some of the most frequently asked questions about the service.

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What is Uber Lux?

Uber Lux is the most luxurious ride option available on the Uber platform, designed for passengers who wish to travel in a little more style and comfort. Uber Lux offers high-end vehicles driven by professional, highly rated drivers, ensuring an outstanding travel experience from start to finish.

The service is available in select cities, and usually comes with a higher price tag than standard Uber rides.

How does Uber Lux work?

Requesting an Uber Lux ride:

1. To request an Uber Lux ride, open the Uber app and enter your destination in the "Where to?" box. Check your pickup and destination addresses, then select the Lux option at the bottom of your screen. Tap "Confirm Lux" when you’re ready.

Matching with a driver:

2. Once you've requested an Uber Lux ride, the app will match you with a nearby driver who meets the Lux criteria. You'll see the driver's picture, vehicle details, and real-time location on the map as they approach your pickup point.

Riding in luxury:

3. Before entering the vehicle, make sure that the car matches what you see in the app. Your driver will have your destination and directions for the fastest route, but feel free to request a specific route if you prefer. During your ride, take a moment to enjoy the luxurious features of your vehicle, such as the plush, comfortable seats, advanced entertainment systems, and generous legroom.

Completing the ride:

4. Once you reach your destination, you can simply exit the vehicle, as the fare will be automatically charged to your payment method in the app. Don't forget to rate your driver — it helps to maintain the quality and safety of the Uber service.

audi driving through a city

Uber Lux vehicle options

The vehicles offered under the Uber Lux service vary depending on availability and location. Some of the most notable cars you might find include:

  • Audi A8
  • BMW 7-Series
  • Newer model Land Rovers
  • Range Rover series
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Tesla Model S
  • Porsche Panamera

These are just some of the best vehicles for Uber Lux. Most models will offer extra features for added comfort, things like heated seats, sunroofs, lots of legroom, and advanced sound systems.

Uber Lux vs Uber Black

While both Uber Lux and Uber Black provide a premium service, Uber Lux is meant to give riders a truly luxurious experience. Uber Black is well-suited for important business meetings or date nights, but Uber Lux is ideal for those special occasions when you want to make it a night to remember. This is luxury at its finest.

Effortless convenience with Uber Lux

With Uber Lux, you can enjoy waiting times of up to five minutes and preference features tailored to your needs, removing any uncertainty from your trip experience. You can set conversation and temperature preferences to receive a seamless lux treatment.

Benefits of Uber Lux

For drivers, Uber Lux offers an opportunity to earn more income due to the higher fares that can usually be charged. Also, driving high-end vehicles and catering to passengers looking for a luxurious experience may lead to better ratings and tips, not to mention better job satisfaction.

To enjoy a successful career as a Lux driver, you’ll need to maintain a high Uber rating, provide an excellent service to every passenger, and keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

Availability of Uber Lux

Uber Lux is available in select cities where there’s enough demand for luxury rides, and a sufficient supply of luxury vehicles and qualified drivers. Lux is most commonly found in major metropolitan areas, upscale neighbourhoods, and cities with a thriving business or entertainment industry.

uber lux parked on a busy street

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Uber Lux cost?

Uber Lux fares tend to be higher than standard Uber rides due to the high-end vehicles and premium service offered by drivers. The exact cost depends on things like distance, time, and location, but passengers can expect to pay at least 2–3 times more than a typical Uber fare.

Is Uber Lux available in all cities?

No, Uber Lux is only available in select cities where there is enough demand for luxury rides and the right number of qualified drivers. If Lux isn’t available in your city, try using Uber Black or Uber Exec as an alternative option.

How do I become an Uber Lux driver?

To become an Uber Lux driver, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Own or have access to a qualifying luxury vehicle (e.g., Audi A8, BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, etc.)
  • Maintain a high driver rating (typically 4.85 or higher)
  • Pass a comprehensive vehicle inspection
  • Meet all standard Uber driver requirements, such as age, licensing, and background checks

If you meet these criteria, you can sign up to become an Uber Lux driver through the Uber Driver app or on Uber's website.

What’s the difference between Uber Lux and Uber Black?

Uber Black is another premium ride option that offers high-end, black vehicles with professional drivers. While both Uber Lux and Uber Black provide a luxury experience, Uber Lux is considered the more exclusive option, featuring the most luxurious vehicles and top-rated drivers.

Can I request a specific luxury vehicle with Uber Lux?

When requesting an Uber Lux ride, you'll be matched with a nearby Uber Lux driver and vehicle. The exact vehicle you'll be paired with depends on availability at the time of your request (you don’t have the option to choose a specific make or model). But all Uber Lux vehicles are high-end and luxurious, offering a premium ride experience regardless of the exact car you receive.

Are tips included in the Uber Lux fare?

Tips are not included in the Uber Lux fare, and passengers are free to tip their driver as much as they want. While tipping is not mandatory, it’s always appreciated by drivers, especially those who consistently offer an exceptional service. You can add a tip through the Uber app at the end of your ride, or tip in cash if you prefer.

Can I schedule an Uber Lux ride in advance?

Yes, you can schedule an Uber Lux ride in advance using the "Schedule for later" feature in the app. Just enter your pickup location, destination, and preferred pickup time, then select the Lux option.

Keep in mind that availability is subject to change, so it's always a good idea to check the app for Uber Lux availability closer to your scheduled ride time.

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