How you can improve premiums with Sense

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“I love that the living cost is rising, and my insurance premium is increasing”, - said no one ever. There’s little we can do about the economic wellbeing of the world, but the one thing that has been and will continue to be our number one priority - providing our customers with fairer, flexible insurance products that actually make sense; especially in the times like this when the world is changing and you simply need to get control over your finances to save money.

You can’t impact the inflation, but with us you can definitely take control of your insurance premium. Here’s how you can lower your insurance premiums by purchasing a Sense policy.

What is Sense?

Sense is the technology that powers our fairer policies. It’s built into the Zego Sense app – all you have to do is buy the policy, install the app, log-in once, and start driving. While you’re out on the road, the app will work in the background, sensing how you drive over time. Sense uses this information to create your driver score and offer you our fairest policies at renewal. To put it simply, the better you drive, the more you save on your policy!

Sense uses your phone’s inbuilt sensors

The Zego Sense app uses location and motion data from your phone’s inbuilt sensors to monitor your driving behaviours whenever you drive.  It picks up on the frequency of factors like harsh braking, aggressive acceleration and sharp cornering, and puts together this data to create your driver score on a rolling basis.

What is the driver score and how is it calculated?

Your driver score is a reflection of how well you drive over time, based on the data Sense gathers. It gives you an idea of your driving behaviour and an indication of whether or not you’re on track for a better price at renewal.

Your driver score is based on a 14-day rolling average of your driving behaviour. This includes factors like braking, accelerating and cornering. Since it’s a rolling score, as that 14 day window progresses, you might see changes in your average score, even if you haven’t driven for a couple of days.

Most importantly, remember that this score is an average, so any one-off mistakes shouldn’t have an impact.

Why get a Sense policy?

The best bit about purchasing a Sense policy is that you can instantly enjoy a 14% discount on your premium, with a further 17% discount on top for good driving. That’s up to 31% of savings on your premium right there*

No hardware nonsense, simply download the app, drive well and get rewarded for being great on the road! In fact, 98% of our drivers receive a good driver discount. Why pay more, when you can pay less?

Is a Sense policy right for me?

It depends on the type of work you do with your vehicle, but Sense is such a versatile product that it might be just right for you. A Sense policy is an all-in-one cover for taxi, courier and food delivery and works with all major work providers and independents.

So, if you like to work flexibly (say you like to work as an Uber driver several days a week and pick up a few food delivery shifts here and there) - this is the one for you. You can choose from weekly to annual Sense policies.

Our promise

We don’t like to brag, but we are really proud of our product and customer teams (and the whole company too, of course!) for doing excellent work, day in, day out. So, when you buy our policy, you can count on us to provide you with easy, on-the-go app account management and a fantastic 7-day phone service. Our customers have also given us a rating 4.7 both on Trustpilot and in the app store.

We hope you learnt a bit more about Sense, and if this policy sounds like a dream (we think that it is), why not get a quote today? And if you have any questions left, we have a couple of our previous blog articles on hand for you, which go into even more details of How Zego Sense Policies Provide Better Prices & The Fairest Vehicle Insurance and How We Calculate Your Driver Score.

Stay safe and happy driving!

*Based on renewal pricing for 30-day policies 07/03/22 - 07/04/22. Driver score necessary at renewal to be eligible for discounts