Is it worth being a self employed courier driver? (The complete guide 2023)

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In the last few years, a career as a self-employed courier driver has become a popular choice. And it’s no surprise why — the earnings can be good, and you get more flexibility than you would with a traditional 9–5 job.

But it also comes with its own set of challenges. As a self-employed courier driver, you’re responsible for delivering packages to the right places at the right times. You’re also responsible for your own costs and expenses, including having the right insurance in place.

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of self-employment as a courier driver, the amount you can earn, and which courier companies pay the most in the UK. We’ll also discuss whether it’s worth becoming a self-employed driver, plus a few tips to help boost your earning potential.

How much can a self-employed courier driver earn?

The amount self-employed drivers earn varies a lot. Many couriers are able to earn a comfortable living, with some top drivers bringing in over £1,200 a week. But the actual amount you’ll get depends on a few things, including the number of parcels you deliver on a daily basis, the types of parcels you deliver, and where you work.

The salary ranges and hourly rates for self-employed couriers depend on the company they work with. Some companies pay drivers a flat rate per package delivered, while others pay on an hourly basis. That’s why it's always a good idea to research different companies and work providers to compare rates before you start working as a courier driver.

The most successful self-employed courier drivers tend to be those who have built up a loyal customer base, and can consistently deliver packages on time and with care.

Pros and cons of being a self-employed courier driver

Advantages of being a self-employed courier driver

Flexible work schedule

One of the biggest advantages of being a self-employed courier is the flexibility to work when you want. This allows you to work around other commitments, such as your family, hobbies and social life.

Earning potential

As mentioned earlier, self-employed courier drivers have the potential to earn a comfortable living, with high-earners bringing in £1,000 or more each week. This can make self-employment a good option if you’re looking for a flexible way to maximise your income.

Being your own boss

Being a self-employed courier driver also comes with the satisfaction of being your own boss. You’re in control of your business, with the freedom to make decisions about how and when you work.

Disadvantages of being a self-employed courier driver

You cover the costs

As a self-employed courier driver, you’re responsible for maintaining your vehicle and covering expenses like fuel and courier driver insurance. These costs can soon add up, so it’s worth factoring these into your overall earnings before you get started.

Lack of job security

Unlike a regular job, self-employment doesn’t come with the security of a guaranteed income. It’s your responsibility to find work with clients and delivery platforms, which can be unpredictable.

Physical demands of the job

Being a courier driver can be a physically demanding job, requiring lots of time spent driving and lifting packages. This can be challenging for people who aren’t used to this type of work, or those who are less able.

Which courier companies pay the most in the UK?

There are a few courier companies in the UK offering competitive driver rates. Some of the top-paying companies include CitySprint, Crown Couriers, TVR Express and AFS Logistics. These companies offer drivers a range of payment structures, including flat rates per package or set hourly rates.

The national average earnings of a self-employed courier are in the region of £35,000, with some top drivers earning considerably more. But salary ranges (plus any extra commission or compensation) can vary depending on which company you work for. For example, the average salary for a DPD courier in London is around £27,000–£30,000 a year.

Is it worth becoming a self-employed courier driver?

Becoming a self-employed courier can be a good option for people who want to be their own boss while having the potential to earn good money. But, before deciding if courier work is for you, it's important to consider a few different factors:

How much you’ll earn

Self-employed courier drivers have the potential to earn a good income. But, it's important to remember that earnings can vary depending on things like the type of work you do, the company you work for, and where you’re based. You’ll also need to consider the costs you’re responsible for; things like vehicle maintenance, repairs and fuel.

What the work is like

Working as a self-employed courier driver can offer a great deal of flexibility — you’re able to choose your hours and own work schedule. But, it's important to consider the physical demands of the job, as well as the fact that you’ll be spending lots of hours driving.

Your career goals

Becoming a self-employed courier driver can be a good option for those who want to work independently and be in control of their own career. However, it's important to consider your personal preferences and your long-term career goals.

How to maximise earnings as a self-employed courier driver

If you decide that a job as a self-employed courier driver is for you, there are a few things you can do to boost your earnings and build a successful career.

Use courier networks

Joining a network like Courier Exchange can help you find work and build your reputation as a reliable courier driver. With that comes the potential to earn more money and grow your client base.

Build a strong reputation

Once you’ve built a good reputation as a reliable courier, it’s important to keep it going. By consistently delivering packages on time, providing a great service to your customers, and communicating effectively with clients, you can make a successful career as a self-employed delivery driver.

Grow your skills

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best driving practices — these things can help you build a strong, successful career as a self-employed courier. Consider taking a course or training program, attending an industry event, and networking with other drivers and professionals in your field.


Being a self-employed courier comes with plenty of benefits. You get loads of flexibility, the potential to earn a decent income, and the satisfaction of being your own boss. However, it's important to consider the costs you’ll need to cover, as well as the demands of the job.

By working hard, using courier networks where you can, building a strong reputation, and continuously improving your skills, you’ll be on track for a successful career and a decent income to match.

And don’t forget about courier driver insurance. As a self-employed delivery driver, it keeps you protected while you’re working, so it’s a crucial part of your business.

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