Stansted Airport Uber and Taxi Pick-up Points (2024)

Written by Steve Cook

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Knowing where the pick-up zones are at Stansted Airport can be a bit confusing, especially for new Uber drivers and taxi operators.

To get started, here’s a quick summary of what you need to know:

The two main waiting areas are the Mid Stay Car Park and Birchanger Green Motorway Services. Passenger pick-ups are only allowed in the Short Stay Car Park Orange, with the parking fee included in the rider's charge. A free pick-up option is also available in the Mid Stay car park.

Understanding the pick-up zones at Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport has designated pick-up areas for Uber drivers and taxi operators. As an Uber driver, you have to be in one of these designated areas to receive ride requests from passengers.

Stansted Airport has two main waiting areas for Uber drivers:

  1. Stansted Airport Mid-Stay Car Park (CM24 1PJ): This is a large area with parking for up to 700 vehicles. It has basic amenities such as toilets and vending machines. Parking is free for the first hour, but a small fee applies for the second hour.
  2. Birchanger Green Motorway Services (CM23 5QZ): This is a motorway service area with lots of facilities, including restaurants, shops, and washrooms. There are no parking restrictions, so you can wait here as long as you need. There's also a petrol station nearby.

Picking up passengers at Stansted Airport

When it comes to picking up passengers, Stansted Airport has strict rules in place. Pick-ups are only allowed in designated areas, and attempting to pick up passengers in non-designated areas can result in a fine.

The designated pick-up area for Uber drivers and taxi operators is the Short Stay Car Park Orange (Terminal Rd S, Bishop’s Stortford, CM22 6PL). There is a parking fee (currently £5.50), but this is included in the rider's total charge, so you won't have to pay out of pocket.

Can I pick it up for free at Stansted?

Stansted Airport does offer a free pick-up option. You can pick up passengers from the 'Free Set Down' area located in the Mid Stay car park. You're allowed one hour of free parking here, with a £5 charge for the second hour. Passengers can then take a free shuttle bus along with luggage to the terminal.

Understanding the pick-up zones at Stansted Airport will help to make sure that your passengers have a smooth and efficient journey. And happy passengers usually means a better Uber rating.

Where do taxis pick up at Stansted Airport?

Taxis at Stansted Airport can pick up passengers from the taxi rank located outside the main terminal building.

To find out more, visit London Stansted Airport's official website.