Ten Best Tips for UK Private Hire Drivers

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Tricks of the trade are the little things that make your work better, easier, and more rewarding. For UK taxi drivers, this means earning more, saving more, and getting more satisfaction from their job. We’ve searched the best sources to find the best advice for private hire drivers. See below for ten tips of the trade to help you on the road:

1. Best way to save on fuel

Download petrol price apps like FuelGenie, Fuelio, or PetrolPrices. Always find the cheapest fuel.

2. Best Way to generate a tip

Small extras like mints, water, and wet-wipes can generate a tip, but passengers place greatest in-car value on a spare USB cable for charging devices, or an extra AUX cable so they can listen to their own music.

3. Best times to get Uber ‘Surge’ fares

Uber’s ‘Surge’ pricing can multiply fares by a factor of 4 or more. Industry observers say the best times for Surge pricing on weekdays are 7.00 – 9.00am and 4.00 – 7.00pm, when commuters are on the move. On weekends, it’s Friday and Saturday nights from 8.00pm to 4.00am.

4. Best time to get an airport run

Travellers are flying again. Many need a taxi to get them to the airport. Drivers who work from 4.00am to catch the early birds may enjoy the perfect mix of low competition, long distances, empty roads, and the best fares of the day.

5. Best way to get more work

Avoid the dead hours by expanding the type of work you do. Food delivery is a booming business and major apps like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat are continually seeking drivers. Zego’s all-on-one Private Hire taxi insurance policy covers private hire, food delivery and personal use of your vehicle, so there’s no need to buy extra cover.

6. Best in-car gadget

In a road accident it often it comes down to one driver’s word against another – and both drivers getting a claim on their insurance and no more No Claims Discount. This could mean a big jump in the price of their policy. Dashcam evidence can reveal who was in the wrong in any kind of incident. Install one and never pay for the other guy’s mistake again.

7. Best all-electric car for private hire

There are many good electric vehicles for UK taxi drivers, but the Hyundai Ioniq Electric with a real-world range of 165 miles comes out on top in cars that cost less than £40k.

8. Best way to avoid road toll fines

It’s very easy to forget to pay congestion charge and clean air zone fees on time. Late payment means a fine. If it’s available where you work, use auto-pay like London’s TFL. Set it, forget it, and never pay a fine.

9. Best ways to get a reward

Two great ways to get free  money: Refer a friend to Zego for Private Hire insurance. Drive together, earn together, as you both get £50 to spend. Also, Uber gives rewards for referring a friend who becomes an Uber driver. When they complete their ‘beginner’ hours, a cash sum is added to your Uber driver account.

10. Best Private Hire insurance

No matter if you’re seeking third party, or fully comprehensive cover, you may save £hundreds every year on Private Hire insurance by switching to Zego. Third party or fully comprehensive. Buy all in one policies that cover private hire, food delivery and personal vehicle use. Drive with any firm. 30 days or annual policies. Or choose Zego Sense, the Telematics policy that rewards good taxi drivers with lower prices – the safer you drive, the more you save.

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