Ten Ways to Make More Money with Uber

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Demand for taxis has sky-rocketed and is now well above pre-pandemic levels. In response to this boom, driver numbers are increasing. Uber alone claims more than 70,000 on their platform.

With demand for taxis and taxi drivers continuing to outstrip supply, more newcomers are considering life as a UK private hire driver. As well as how to get their licence, the question most beginners ask is; “What are the best ways to make money with Uber?”. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Schedule Driving Times Around Surge Pricing

Average Uber driver income in the UK is £15 per hour after paying fees. However, drivers can make far more than this. Uber operates dynamic fare prices. When demand rises, so do fares. Uber calls this ‘Surge’ pricing and it can multiply the fare by a factor of 4 or more. Industry observers say the best times for Surge pricing on weekdays are 7.00 – 9.00am and 4.00 – 7.00pm, when commuters are on the move. On weekends, it’s Friday and Saturday nights from 8.00pm to 4.00am. Work during these hours to boost your hourly rate and cut dead times when your vehicle is empty.

2. Have a flexible driving schedule

As shown above, the peak times for taxi riders varies through the week. Drivers who can adapt their working hours to these peak hours stand a better chance of making more. Uber peak hours typically occur between 8-9 am and 5-8 pm, coinciding with the start and end of a standard work day for most organizations

3. Refer Friends

Uber gives rewards for referring a friend who then becomes an Uber driver. When they complete their ‘beginner’ hours, a cash sum is added to your Uber driver account. Rewards vary according to the city where your friend works.

You can also earn rewards by referring friends to Zego for Private Hire insurance. Drive together, earn together, as you both get £50 to spend.

4. Drive for other taxi services at the same time

Just because you drive for Uber, it doesn’t mean you can’t drive for other private hire operators at the same time. Minimise those moments when Uber passenger demand is low. Other firms include local minicab companies, and rideshare apps like Ola and Bolt.

The good news is you don’t need extra insurance to drive for more than one firm. Zego’s all-in-one private hire insurance covers every operator, as well as insurance for food delivery and personal use of your vehicle.

5. Provide the best customer service

It’s obvious that you should always be polite, courteous and give your passengers a smooth and pleasant ride. However, going the extra mile could earn you a tip. Help riders who need help most, like those who use walking frames, sticks and wheelchairs. Get them as close to their destination as you can, even if that means turning into their driveway. Ask if they need assistance to their front door and help carry any packages.

6. Uber Pro

Uber Pro is a loyalty scheme that rewards Uber drivers with all kinds of goodies – from fuel discounts to free Open University tuition. Drivers who reach their top tier of benefits could grab rewards worth £thousands every year.

7. Uber Eats

Taxis that sit empty earn nothing. Avoid the dead hours by expanding the type of work you do. Food delivery is a booming business and Uber’s service Uber Eats is continually seeking drivers. Average Uber Eats driver income in the UK is £10 per hour – a handy way to keep cash coming in when taxi work is slow.

8. Little extras can generate a tip

You don’t need to lay out a feast to make riders happy. Small extras like mints, water, and wet-wipes can please your customers. Their likes often translate into a good tip. Passengers place greatest in-car value on a spare USB cable for charging devices, or an extra AUX cable so they can listen to their own music. Consider buying a multi-function cable with differing connectors to cover all the bases and avoid a glovebox wiring jumble.

9. Head to central during downtime

The taxi business is a volume business. Keeping your car full as much as you can pays off. If rider demand is low in your local area, don’t sit and wait for fares to pop up. Head into your city’s central zone where demand is typically greatest. Although the trips may be short and competition higher, it’s all about turnover. Stay busy. Empty taxis are just boxes on wheels.

10. Switch to Zego Private Hire insurance

This tip isn’t about driving, but while you’re making money with Uber, you may also save hundreds every year on the cost of your insurance.

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