What insurance is needed to deliver food?

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When it comes to earning money as a food delivery driver, there are lots of things to consider. One of the most important is insurance. For instance, you might be asking yourself what type of insurance you need, and how much will it cost?

To deliver food you'll need to have a hire and reward insurance policy. This coveres you for delivering food in return for payment.

Your personal car insurance policy (known as social, domestic and pleasure) will not cover you for takeaway driving.

Keep reading to learn more about what types of insurance you need when delivering food.

What is food delivery insurance?

Fast food delivery insurance is a blanket term used to describe the cover you need to deliver food in exchange for payment. Although it covers all types of insurance you need to deliver takeaways, it usually refers to hire and reward.

What type of insurance do you need for food delivery work?

To be able to deliver food in the UK, you need a hire and reward insurance policy along with a social, domestic and pleasure policy. That means you’ll be covered while driving for work and for making personal trips.

Social, domestic and pleasure (standard car insurance policy)

Your standard car insurance policy is a legal requirement to be on the roads. It covers you for everyday use and non-work related travel.

Hire and reward insurance policy

To be able to deliver food in return for payment, you’ll need a hire and reward insurance policy. There are three levels of cover available:

Third party only: Covers damage you cause to other vehicles or property in an accident, but it doesn't cover your own vehicle.

Third party, fire and theft: Covers damage to other people’s vehicles and property, and it protects your vehicle against damage or loss due to fire or theft.

Comprehensive: This is the top level of insurance. With comprehensive cover you get all of the above, plus cover for your own vehicle, no matter who is at fault.

What other kind of insurance do I need to deliver food?

The following types of policy aren't required for delivering food from restaurants, but they do afford you a higher level of cover. It's worth checking with your employer or work provider to see if they offer any of these insurances.

Goods in transit insurance

Goods in transit insurance will cover your goods against theft, loss or damage while they’re being transported from one location to another.

Due to the low cost of delivering fast food, food delivery drivers are not typically required to carry goods in transit insurance. However, if you also work as a courier delivering more expensive products for companies like Amazon, you will likely need goods in transit insurance.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance protects delivery drivers who become involved in an accident and cause harm to a third party. You’re protected against any legal fees, expenses and compensation payouts if a member of the public seeks damages or tries to sue you.

Personal accident insurance

If you're delivering food and find yourself involved in an incident, personal accident insurance pays out if you have a serious injury, or become totally and permanently disabled.

What's the difference between hire and reward insurance and delivery driver insurance?

Hire and reward insurance is often referred to by different names, including delivery driver insurance. You might also hear it referred to as:

  • Food delivery insurance
  • Fast food delivery insurance
  • Courier insurance
  • Carriage of goods for hire and reward insurance

How much does food delivery insurance cost in the UK?

The cost of food delivery insurance is usually higher than standard personal car insurance. That’s because you're likely to be driving more frequently and at busier times of the day, so the risk of being involved in an accident is higher.

You can compare the costs of food delivery insurance here.

The cost of your cover will vary depending on things like:

  1. Your insurer.
  2. The size and type of vehicle you use.
  3. The number of miles you travel each year.
  4. Your driving record and history.

The length of your policy can also affect the cost of your food delivery car insurance:

  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) delivery insurance: If you choose a short-term policy that you pay for by the hour or day, you might find it ends up being more expensive overall than the cost of an annual policy.
  • Annual food delivery insurance: If you choose an annual policy and pay for the year upfront, you’ll probably pay a lot less overall than you would with an hourly or monthly policy. If you know you’ll be making deliveries for the long term, this might be the policy for you.

Can I do Uber Eats without insurance?

If you're using a motorbike, scooter, or car, Uber Eats requires you to have a certificate of motor insurance that covers you for food delivery (also known as hire and reward, not excluding food delivery).

Can I deliver for Just Eat without insurance?

Just Eat requires you to have your own insurance cover before you’re allowed to deliver for them. Without insurance, you won’t be able to register as a Just Eat delivery driver. This is why it’s essential to check that your insurer provides the right type cover for food delivery work before signing up as a driver.

Can I deliver for Deliveroo without Insurance?

You’ll need to have your own hire and reward insurance before you can work with Deliveroo. Deliveroo do provide free personal injury and income protection for all their riders, as well as public liability cover for cyclists, and for scooters and cars when they’re walking to pick up or drop off an order.

What options does Zego offer?

At Zego, we offer a range of delivery insurance options so you can get the cover that’s right for you. For car drivers, we offer pay-as-you-go and 30-day policies, so we’ve got options suitable for both part-time and full-time delivery work.

For scooter riders, we offer pay-as-you-go, 30-day and annual cover options. So whether you’re working full-time or for just a couple of hours per week, we have a policy that’s right for you.

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