What is any driver van insurance?

Written by Steve Cook

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“Any driver” van insurance covers multiple drivers for using a single van. It allows different drivers to operate the same vehicle, without having to be named individually.

This gives businesses more flexibility when it comes to insuring their fleet of work vans.

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How does any driver insurance differ from standard van insurance?

While ordinary van insurance usually covers up to 4 named drivers, any driver insurance allows any person meeting the policy's criteria (such as age requirements) to get behind the wheel. This removes the need to specifically add or remove drivers from the policy as employees join or leave the business.

What are the benefits of any driver van insurance for businesses?

The main advantages of any driver van insurance for businesses include:

  • More flexibility — Allowing different staff to drive vans whenever required.
  • Easier to manage — And less paperwork when employee changes happen.
  • Fewer admin fees — No need to repeatedly change named drivers.

Why is any driver insurance more expensive?

Insurers often charge higher prices for any driver policies because they lack detailed information about every potential driver's background and history. This increases the risk to the insurer, which results in higher insurance costs compared to standard van cover.

What should companies consider before choosing any driver insurance?

Before buying any driver van insurance, businesses should think about:

  • Age restrictions — Some insurers set minimum driver ages of 21 or 25.
  • Higher costs — Particularly if younger, statistically riskier drivers will use the van.
  • Other flexible options — Like standard policies with multiple named drivers.

When does any driver van insurance make sense?

Any driver insurance is often the best choice for businesses that need more flexibility. It suits companies willing to pay more for the ability to have any employee drive their vans, while reducing the need for constant policy changes or administration.

What should I consider before getting any driver van insurance?

Things to consider include the cheapest vans to insure, insurance groups of popular models like the Ford Transit or Renault Trafic, and whether the van will be used for courier work or personal use. Understanding these things before choosing a policy will help you to find the most suitable (and affordable) for your business.

Can I drive a van on my regular car insurance?

In most cases, standard car insurance won't cover driving a van, especially for business use. To use a van for work, you’ll need the right type of commercial insurance policy, such as courier van insurance or any driver van insurance. This makes sure that you and your employees have full protection whenever you’re on the road.

How does any driver van insurance differ from standard van insurance?

Standard van insurance covers a limited number of named drivers, while any driver insurance allows anyone meeting the policy's criteria to drive the van. This offers more flexibility for businesses, but often comes with higher costs.

Are there ways to get cheaper any driver van insurance?

Yes, you could try choosing a van in a lower insurance group, making sure drivers meet all the age requirements, carefully choosing the level of cover you actually need, and comparing quotes from multiple insurers to find the most competitive price.