Zego Sense just got even smarter

Written by Steve Cook

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We’ve made some exciting new changes to your Zego Sense driver score.

Now, your score will be calculated using your most recent driving behaviour, so you get a more accurate view of how well you’re driving.

This makes it easier for you to make improvements for a better discount at renewal.

It’s all part of our mission to save you time and money on your insurance.

Here’s what you need to know.

Zego Sense just got even smarter

What’s changed?

Your most recent trips count

We know that many of our customers felt it took too long for their driver scores to update, especially customers with an annual policy.

We looked into this and found that, because we were using data collected over the course of a full year, any changes in your driving behaviour weren’t immediately reflected in your score.

So, we’ve made some changes.

Now, your score places more emphasis on your most recent trips, without losing sight of how you’ve been driving over the course of your policy.

This means that your score will update faster, so you’ll see the rewards even sooner.

A fairer, more accurate score

You already know that we use 3 key driving behaviours to measure how well you drive: acceleration, braking and cornering (also known as the ABCs).

Previously, we gave these 3 driving metrics the same weighting in our calculations. This meant that each one was as important as the other.

But, what we’ve found is that harsh acceleration and harsh braking are behaviours more commonly associated with traffic accidents.

So, to improve the accuracy of your Sense score, we’ve placed more emphasis on how you accelerate and brake.

This means you get a more accurate score that better represents how safely you drive. It’s an important change and we're really excited to release it!

What are the benefits of these changes?

In 4 words: better rewards for you!

Because your score is now more accurate and uses your most recent driving data, you get better discounts when you drive well, and you get them sooner.

You’ll also be able to respond more quickly if your driver score goes down, giving you extra time to earn those discounts before you renew.

When will these changes go live?

All of these changes will go live in the app on 3rd October 2023.

So keep your app permissions on, and keep driving safely to get up to 32% off the price before a Sense discount is applied at renewal.

Haven’t got a Zego Sense policy yet?

If you’re a private hire driver and you’re looking to pay less for your insurance, check out Zego Sense. It’s our app-based policy for good drivers.

Head to our Sense page to learn more and get a quote.

*32% discount is the maximum that can be achieved by Sense policyholders who have a driver score of 95 and above, as of 01/05/23.