A guide to Fiat van insurance groups

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Whether you use a van for delivering parcels or for heavy work on site, choosing the right model can make all the difference to your business. And knowing about van insurance groups can make a big difference to your costs, too.

Among the various van brands available in the UK, Fiat remains a popular choice. But, with a wide range of models available, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this guide, we’ll take a close look at the different Fiat vans and their insurance groups, helping you to make the right choice for your business.

Insurance groups for Fiat vans

Van insurance groups in the UK are typically divided into two sets: 

  • 1–20 for older vehicles, and
  • 21–50 for vans registered after 2016.

Generally speaking, the lower the insurance group, the lower the insurance cost.

Insurance groups are set by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), and they’re determined by things like repair costs, engine size, vehicle weight and standard safety features.

Here are some popular Fiat van models and their van insurance groups:

Fiat Doblo

Fiat Doblo

Image taken from Fiat Doblo product page

The Fiat Doblo’s compact size and lighter weight helps to place it in a lower insurance group, usually groups 3–7 for models before 2016 (or 25–36 for vans registered after 2016). This can help to lower the overall insurance costs for Doblo owners.

Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato

Image taken from Fiat Ducato product page

The Fiat Ducato typically falls into groups 5–17 for older models, reflecting its larger size and power. Newer models tend to fall into the higher groups of 27–50.

Fiat Fiorino

Fiat Fiorino

Image taken from Fiat Fiorino product page

Another compact van, the Fiat Fiorino usually falls into groups 1–8 for models registered before 2016. Vans registered after 2016 achieve insurance groups of 21–32, helping to drive down the insurance costs compared to larger models.

Fiat Scudo

Fiat Scudo

Image taken from Fiat Scudo product page

Sitting squarely in the middle, the Fiat Scudo generally falls into groups 8–13 for vans registered before 2016, or groups 32–42 for newer models. This mid-size van strikes the right balance between size, utility and efficiency.

Things that can affect Fiat van insurance groups

There are a few different factors that can influence the insurance group rating of a Fiat van:

  • Size and weight: Larger vans, like the Ducato, tend to fall into higher insurance groups, which usually means higher insurance costs.
  • Engine size: Models with larger and more powerful engines are typically categorised in higher insurance groups.
  • Repair costs: More affordable repair costs, as seen with the Fiorino, can lead to lower insurance groups.
  • Security features: Vans with advanced security features tend to have lower insurance group ratings.

Understanding subgroups and variations

Each Fiat van model may come in different versions, affecting its insurance group rating. For example, a short wheelbase version of the Scudo will generally be cheaper to insure than a long wheelbase version.

You might also notice some letters and numbers after your insurance group (for example, E, A, T1 or T2). These subgroups indicate that a van has certain added features, or a specific way that it is used.

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